Water treatment equipment mainly includes water softener, pure water machine, water purifier, precision filter and faucet, as well as road design, equipment installation and after-sales service, etc. This is a complete set of water treatment equipment for consumers. At present, the water treatment equipment on the market mainly includes three types: water softener, pure water machine and water purifier.

Water softener for water treatment equipment

  1. Principle and function of water softener: According to the principle of ion exchange, that is, Na+ is used to exchange Mg2+Ca2+, so that the hardness of the water is reduced to below 70 mg/L and becomes soft water. The main function of this water treatment equipment is to remove water alkali and scale.
  2. Advantages and disadvantages of water softener water treatment equipment:
    Advantages: remove scale, good water-alkali effect, and at the same time large flow, basically does not reduce water pressure. The water produced by the water softener water treatment equipment has a strong cleaning ability, and has a strong effect on laundry, showering, beauty and skin care; it can also reduce energy consumption. At the same time, it also saves cleaning supplies and reduces the intensity of housework. The water produced by the water softener water treatment equipment is suitable for domestic use.
    Disadvantages: The water softener water treatment equipment cannot remove bacteria, viruses, and organic matter, and cannot be directly consumed; salt consumption is required for regeneration; and a certain amount of wastewater is generated.

Pure water machine of water treatment equipment

  1. The principle and function of the water purifier: PP cotton, activated carbon and RO membrane filter elements are used for five or more stages of filtration, of which the core is RO membrane, which is the filter element with high filtration precision at present. The water produced is pure water, which can be directly consumed raw.
  2. Advantages and disadvantages of pure water machine water treatment equipment:
    Advantages: The water treatment equipment of the pure water machine has high filtration accuracy and is suitable for a variety of water quality. The purified water is pure water with good taste and does not contain any impurities.
    Disadvantages: The water treatment equipment of pure water machine produces less water per day, which can only be used for drinking and cooking; the service life of the first three filter elements is short, and the filter element needs to be replaced regularly; it is not suitable for long-term drinking water, especially for children and the elderly. Drink pure water.

Water purifier for water treatment equipment

Ultrafiltration machine is a mainstream product in water purifier water treatment equipment, with high precision, good purification effect, long life of the filter element, and can automatically clean the filter element.

  1. The principle and function of the water purifier: The ultrafiltration membrane separation technology of 0.01 micron is adopted, which can effectively remove harmful substances such as sediment, rust, suspended solids, colloids, bacteria, viruses, macromolecular organic substances and so on.
  2. Advantages and disadvantages of water purifier water treatment equipment:
    Advantages: The water treatment equipment of the water purifier has high filtration accuracy; the purified water is close to mineral water and can be directly drunk; the flow rate is large; the filter element has a long service life; the filter element is automatically cleaned; no electricity is required; no water is wasted.
    Disadvantages: The water treatment equipment of the water purifier removes scale, and the water-alkali effect is poor, and it is suitable for areas with medium and lower hardness; a single ultrafiltration machine cannot completely remove the odor in the water, and the water quality tastes poor; it is troublesome to change the core, and cannot completely remove heavy metals in the water.

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