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CHIWATEC provides state-of-the-art technology for many industries that use our products to maintain a clean environment worldwide. Since these industries support the world by providing indispensable lives, they have a responsibility to suppress the harmful effects of waste and pollutants for all purposes and purposes. We have designed hundreds of environmental water treatment systems and now use them for conservation purposes. Depending on the boiler pressure, the treated water can be changed from a simple ion exchange to an advanced two-channel reverse osmosis system and then subjected to electric deionization. If it is not detected and corrected in a timely manner, injecting poor-quality water into the boiler may cause serious problems, and sometimes even serious problems. Our engineers can help you evaluate the right environmental water treatment for boiler feedwater applications.
CHIWATEC engineers pay close attention to the details of the mechanical and engineering elements of the system, which are as important as water chemistry. The proposed green solution requires the following plans:

  • CHIWATEC experts will fully operate the facilities you need and will run to determine the effectiveness of the production process.
  • After consulting engineers, CHIWATEC began to outline a process that includes each plant system related to water and utilities. The plan also includes
  • research and inspection of known bottlenecks and other possible solutions.
  • As we gain insights from data collection, CHIWATEC will begin to use the latest chemical methods to develop and solve all your power and energy related issues. This chemical method is also 100% environmentally friendly and suitable for your price.

Water purification system

In addition to erosion and air pollution, natural water pollution and living environment poisoning have also caused severe damage to wildlife on the planet. Much of the pollution in these areas comes from industry, and spills of chemicals and waste hundreds of years ago still affect all parts of the world today. CHIWATEC has been working hard to find solutions to the problems caused by these industries.
For example, agriculture is a highly toxic sludge that contains known carcinogens and is deadly to humans and wildlife. When mining gems and metals, the most widely used farming treatment method is to generate a large amount of sludge residue to evaporate the moisture in the sludge and transport the dried materials away. In addition to the risk of chemicals such as arsenic and cyanide leaking into groundwater sources, at first glance, these often look like ordinary ponds, causing heavy casualties to waterfowl and grazing mammals.
Using a pressurized UF Water Purification Equipment , agriculture can be immediately dried into stackable chunks, reducing the footprint and eliminating the risk of groundwater damage. This is one of the ways that CHIWATEC helps you deal with garbage.

For freshwater and seawater protection:

It is important to protect the decreasing freshwater resources of CHIWATEC, but pollution of the high seas is also a growing worldwide problem. Dumping garbage, industrial waste, and failures in offshore water treatment systems can damage the biological diversity of our planet’s oceans. Billions of dollars are invested each year to control the damage caused by these accidents. Oil spills can kill thousands of fish and marine mammals, but this is not the only problem. Algae and plankton are becoming more common as producers of biofuels and modern medicines. The destruction of some key species by these microorganisms makes their effectiveness increasingly difficult to exploit. The negative impact on the ocean has a negative impact on the entire planet, and CHIWATEC can ensure that we leave the ocean better than when we found it.
CHIWATEC‘s water treatment technologies for the environmental solutions market include:

  1. UF Water Purification Equipment
  2. UV Sterilizer disinfection
  3. RO Water Treatment System
  4. Ozone Generator disinfection
  5. Wastewater Treatment System
  6. Water softening
  7. Deionization
  8. Industrial filtration

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