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About three-quarters of China’s freshwater is used for irrigation and industrial purposes (cooling, power generation, etc.). This steep demand may increase the burden when some areas rely almost entirely on inconsistent rainfall. For non-potable water applications, treated sewage is an excellent source of consistent, energy-efficient water, which can alleviate the requirements for inconsistent water sources. Our wastewater treatment is also a cost-effective solution that can be used to supplement groundwater sources (the soil naturally filters water back to drinking water and can be consumed), increase the flow of rivers and streams, and use it as grey water in homes and households. Commercial applications.

Wastewater reuse irrigation

Our UF Water Purification Equipment and RO Water Treatment System are sure to meet any of your requirements. The most important aspect of wastewater purification for irrigation or industrial use is turbidity or suspended solids. These not only damage membranes and piping systems, but they also interfere with the disinfection of water to prevent the spread of bacteria. CHIWATEC’s ultrafiltration system provides consistent low turbidity even if different turbidity sources are generated throughout the cycle.

In irrigation, the second most harmful pollutants are usually high concentrations of inorganic materials and metals. Although salts and certain inorganic compounds have proven to be effective nutrients for plants, too many of them are highly toxic. Certain metals (especially nickel, mercury or zinc) are dangerous at any concentration and should be specifically targeted for purification purposes. CHIWATEC’s reverse osmosis system can discharge these heavy metals, thereby ensuring safe wastewater in agricultural applications.

Wastewater sterilizer

In any type of water application, bacterial growth is always a problem. Not only is chlorine treatment expensive, but it is also toxic to plants at high enough concentrations. CHIWATEC’s UV Sterilizer disinfection solve all these problems. UV sterilizers eliminate any bacterial or viral growth in the water without the need to use dangerous or expensive chemicals. Ultraviolet rays immediately destroy microorganisms without harming the water or leaving any harmful sequelae. Our full range of UV sterilizers is available in various sizes to meet any need for industrial or commercial applications.
CHIWATEC has experience in many applications:

  • TSE (treated sewage)
  • Rainwater treatment
  • disinfection
  • Water turbidity
  • During recycling and reuse

Maintaining diminishing freshwater resources is critical to protecting the planet, and CHIWATEC does everything we can to ensure the safety of our natural freshwater resources. We have designed hundreds of ultrafiltration systems that can purify water around the world and have more purification capacity every day. If you need quality wastewater treatment services, call us to find out how we can meet any purification or recycling standards you may have.

CHIWATEC’s wastewater solutions include:

  1. UF Water Purification Equipment
  2. Water softening
  3. Deionization
  4. Industrial filtration

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