Water consumed in family life has different functions: flushing (toilet flushing or floor cleaning), bathing, laundry, catering and other links need water. At present, the general community uses reclaimed water to flush the toilet, so this part is separated separately (if there is no reclaimed water pipeline configuration, it is also recommended to use tap water directly for flushing, which can be separately piped).

In the case of unlimited space and investment, the standard household water treatment system configuration can be considered according to this process; after the water enters the home, it first needs to be “filtered” to remove the water itself or the pipeline. Into the impurities. The picture shows a media filter, commonly used quartz sand filter + activated carbon filter, which is relatively powerful, and can also be processed with other filters. In real life, you can also use larger size PP Cotton filter + activated carbon filter element to replace, small area and low cost.

The filtered water is already very clear in terms of physical indicators, but if the hardness of the raw water is high, softening treatment is necessary (because China’s national drinking water standards are very loose on these indicators, even if they meet the national standards. Most of the water is too hard for the human body). Regarding the question of safe water use, if there is anything you don’t understand, you can call us, and the relevant technicians will sort out and answer them.

But if you want better water quality assurance, you can use ultrafiltration or reverse osmosis equipment to further treat the softened water. These two technologies are relatively close but substantially different, but they are generally on the market. They are collectively referred to as direct drinking machines or pure water machines. The water processed by the pure water machine removes most of the ions and harmful substances, so it can be directly consumed.

Under normal circumstances, the use of softened water other than flushing has a good effect. The softened water enters the wall-hung boiler, water heater, washing machine, toilet, kitchen and other places. The softened water is already drinkable (but not necessarily suitable for direct drinking). Although many so-called domestic experts have different opinions on whether softened water is suitable for drinking, according to the Water Quality Association of America (WQA) and the American Water Industry Association (AWWA) research data and years of actual use, it is safe and beneficial for most people to drink softened water.


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