What is the main function of softened water treatment equipment for boiler water softening?

The raw water of the softened water treatment equipment may contain impurities such as suspended solids, colloids, organic substances, inorganic salts, heavy metal ions (mainly calcium and magnesium ions), and dissolved gases. Boiler equipment brings serious harm, because when the suspended solids, colloids, and inorganic salts are heated or exceed their saturation concentration, they will settle and precipitate impurities, forming sludge and scale, which greatly affects the heat transfer efficiency of the boiler and the boiler water circulation, resulting in fuel waste. , The heating surface is damaged, the boiler efficiency is reduced, and the cleaning amount is increased. According to data analysis, one centimeter thick scale will waste 10% of the fuel. For a 10kg/cm boiler, the tube wall temperature is 280°C during scale-free operation, and the tube wall temperature rises to 680°C due to the increased thermal resistance. , resulting in a drop in boiler pressure, which may lead to cracking, bulging, or even bursting of the furnace wall. If the scale formed on the pipe wall is not treated for a long time, unimaginable harm will occur, and even an explosion will occur. If the furnace is shut down, the heating equipment will freeze and crack when the weather is bad. In chemical cleaning, improper or frequent pickling will shorten the life of the boiler and pollute the environment.

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