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CHIWATEC ensures that our water treatment systems meet the strictest standards for all applications, including widespread use in hospitals. Our reverse osmosis and electronic data interchange systems are ideally suited to produce pollution-free clean water. Our high-quality modules can produce ultra-pure water to meet the needs of the hospital industry for high-purity water. We have a responsibility to provide first-class water to medical facilities because it will directly affect the health of your patients. We have been meeting the needs of hospitals around the world to ensure a high level of safety for all medical staff and visitors. Our hospital water treatment solutions are designed to meet compliance standards, minimize costs, and provide customized water quality based on the specific needs of your organization.

Hospital application

In every hospital, sterile water is a vital aspect. Doctors, patients, and medical staff need reliable water every day. CHIWATEC provides high-purity water systems for the disinfection of medical products and equipment, wound cleaning, drinking water, and pre-sterilization of medical procedures, designed to meet strict hospital standards and requirements. Some customized hospital water treatment solutions include:
HVAC Water Treatment System-hospital spends a large portion of its budget on providing satisfactory heating, air conditioning, and ventilation. More than half of the energy and water bills used by medical institutions can be used for hospitals, and these departments can also pay for themselves. Over the past 10 years, we have strengthened our position in the water treatment industry through successful and durable applications. These applications can maintain a clean environment, reduce the emissions of boilers and cooling towers, reduce energy and water consumption, and reasonably maintain the cost of hydropower for health centers.
Boiler Feedwater-Our state-of-the-art water softener system will eliminate toluene diisocyanate and other pollution in the boiler cycle as the water content increases. As the number of boiler cycles increases, the amount of water that needs to be removed from the boiler is reduced, thereby saving the amount of water required by the boiler equipment. To save more water, the condensate of the boiler itself is very important.

Laundry: Laundry is one of the most popular water consumption and liquid waste production industries. In the past, washing clothes was a tedious job, as unfiltered water often damaged clothes. However, the introduction of water softening systems has created an effective way to eliminate hard water pollution. CHIWATEC’s first-class reverse osmosis system is a leading water filtration system that can provide you with cleaner and more comfortable clothes.
Kitchen: Our RO Water Treatment System is also ideal for providing your kitchen with perfect drinking water quality. CHIWATEC’s reverse osmosis system will eliminate all pollutants such as arsenic, pesticides, lead, nitrates, chlorine, cysts and many other pollutants.
Water purification solution
EDI systems are the ideal solution for many hospital water treatment applications, and we offer a complete set of fully customizable electrodeionization systems. All systems are engineered using advanced computer modeling and process design software to achieve personalized solutions.
Hospital water treatment technologies CHIWATEC‘s use for medical institutions include:

  1. UF Water Purification Equipment
  2. UV Sterilizer disinfection
  3. RO Water Treatment System
  4. Water softening
  5. Custom water treatment system
  6. Mechanical Filtration Equipment
  7. Deionization
  8. Industrial filtration

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