Features of single-stage reverse osmosis ultra-pure water equipment RO-500L/H water treatment equipment

RO-500L/H single-stage reverse osmosis ultra-pure water equipment technical specifications and process display

  1. Water output: 500L/H (25℃)
  2. Water leakage quality: Counter seepage water leakage conductivity <15us/cm, desalination rate> 98%, used in the used water production technology.
  3. Raw water quality: municipal management tap water
  4. Design boundaries: Imports from the original water storage tank to the pure water storage tank between all pipelines, valves and electronic controls
  5. Technical process: tap water—-original water storage tank—-water supply pump—-multimedia filter—-activated charcoal filter—-adapted filter— -Confidential filtration program-high pressure pump-counter seepage unit-pure water storage tank display

Process characteristics:

  1. Use presents advanced ultra-pure water manufacturing technology: counter seepage technology, complete system character and rich rest, completely automatic control system movement, water leakage quality is stable, meeting the design requirements.
  2. Due to the quality characteristics of raw water, the first treatment process ensures that the counter seepage water is used. Using advanced membrane combined with pure water manufacturing technology, automatic and continuous operation, operating costs are low.
  3. Complete system layout and rich rest, completely automatic movement, water leakage quality is stable.
  4. Choose brand accessories, the system operation is reliable, the extremely low pressure counter permeable membrane module, the energy consumption is low, and the water output is high.

Electricity shown:

  1. PLC control, completely automatic movement, but unattended 24 hours continuous system water.
  2.  If the piped water supply and tap water are insufficient, the water-containing system will automatically stop protection; the water supply is normal, and the system will remedy itself.
  3. If the water level of the pure water storage tank is sufficient, make the water system automatically stop the system water, the water level is normal, and the system self-remediation work.
  4. Whenever the counter seepage system works, the system automatically flushes the counter seepage membrane according to the procedure, and then starts normal system water.
  5. The counter seepage system has high-voltage protection, low-voltage protection and protection of the motor being overheated. Prevent damage to the equipment due to human operation errors.
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