What is household water treatment equipment?

Due to the looser water quality requirements for tap water in many cities in my country, and the possibility of pipelines and other secondary pollution during the transportation of tap water, ordinary tap water has no problems in terms of virus and safety, but from the water quality chemical composition (hardness) and other indicators It cannot meet the requirements for direct drinking, and there are many disadvantages to the body or household appliances during use. When the economy is relatively settled, people generally do not have the energy to pay attention to the impact of water quality on health and quality of life. With economic development and the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, the demand for household water treatment systems is also increasing.

However, in daily life, people still have many unclear points and even many misunderstandings about domestic water and drinking water. Relatively speaking, it is often more advertising or some so-called common sense (or some manufacturers or so-called common sense). Expert opinions) are influencing our concept. From mineral spring pots and magnetizers many years ago, to household water purifiers and household water purifiers that have made many people dizzy on the market, many times when people choose domestic water In a certain misunderstanding, misled by various so-called concepts of different businesses.

At present, in China, many novel concepts appear from time to time. Some terms have a certain truth, although they are not necessarily accurate, they will gradually be accepted by everyone (such as water home improvement, water appliances). And some new terms use ordinary consumers to mislead the lack of technical knowledge, such as the so-called “active water”, “magnetized water”, “ionized water”, etc. Some will be banned by the state from production and sales, and some will gradually become With the disappearance of the market, the more people learn about water, the more accurately they can buy what they need.

Water consumed in family life has different functions: flushing (toilet flushing or floor cleaning), bathing, laundry, catering and other links need water. At present, the general community uses reclaimed water to flush the toilet, so this part is separated separately (if there is no reclaimed water pipeline configuration, it is also recommended to use tap water directly for flushing, which can be arranged separately.

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