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Hundreds of organizations around the world assist victims of natural disasters. Food and water provided the greatest necessities for survivors. These humanitarian organizations need adequate energy, mobility, clean water, and reliable rescue water purification systems capable of absorbing seawater. CHIWATEC has designed disaster relief water purification systems and other reverse osmosis systems to provide drinking water solutions around the world every day.
Reverse osmosis systems provide useful energy-saving devices for those who need to use water vigorously. These projects are often a matter of life and death when you consider the maximum number of people in your community who do not have access to clean water due to natural disasters. CHIWATEC reverse osmosis systems have great spin-off benefits. Open contaminated (or salty) water and pour it into filtered water suitable for drinking. Here are some basic system advantages:

  • Compatible with almost all water sources, including fisheyes, lakes, rivers, wells or sewers.
  • The source of the props is completely wrapped, reducing the scale and requiring field installation work.
  • There are groups replacing hazardous areas.
  • Customizable system design enables municipalities to create programs that best meet their needs.

Preparation is the only way to keep people safe. In case of sudden natural disasters such as tornadoes, hurricanes, mudslides, earthquakes or floods, water treatment requires a reliable reverse osmosis system.
Don’t misunderstand the scale of the disaster and the actual threat level. Small-scale natural disasters, such as summer storms, can also cause power shortages and weaken the ability of the general public to pump water from wells. The only surefire way to maintain the memory of the community is to use pure drinking water as the only remedy. Even small-scale events, such as summer storms, can lead to power outages, affecting citizens’ ability to pump water from wells. Alternative sources of clean drinking water are the first step in maintaining community function and prosperity at all times.
Although this is important, it is also a realistic feature that must be considered, such as water purification measures. A container reverse osmosis system from CHIWATEC can produce 20,000 gallons of water per day. When the water source is about to climb from the river/water surface, this number will climb to 60,000 gallons per day. This capacity efficiency makes our reverse osmosis systems the backbone of commercial and industrial water treatment systems and desalination plants. The same attributes make these systems the most suitable for refining urban water for disaster relief. In dozens of communities, only one unit needs to produce enough pure drinking water.

CHIWATEC water treatment technologies employed for the disaster relief solutions Include:

  1. RO Water Treatment System
  2. UF Water Purification Equipment
  3. Industrial filtration
  4. Water softening
  5. Deionization
  6. UV Sterilizer disinfection

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