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Chiwatec as one of earliest professional water treatment system manufacturer, we focus on water purification and water efficient recycling, rely on the advanced membrane separate technology and electronic desalination process, combine the traditional mechanical filtration, product series water treatment system, standard ro equipment,industrial large capacity RO system, UF system, EDI system, mixed bed, and the product well sold in more than fifty countries in the world.

Products range in industrial water treatment, food & beverage processing,  municipal desalination and water reuse, and home drinking water devices

Chiwatec offers a wide range of equipment and technology solutions for customers with consistent, reliable water quality and support you throughout the lifetime of your water treatment system


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Home Owners Say 1

“We have been in very good partnership with you for more than a decade and will continue to provide orders as you are one of our valued partners”

Gerald G. Handog, IWS Group of Companies, Philippine
Home Owners Say 2

“The RO system so far so good, no any leakage, no failure. We even no need any maintenance for whole system till now.”

Mr Alvin ,Osmocell Malaysia Sdn Bhd ,Malaysia
Home Owners Say 3

“Client is satisfied with your system,our worker can install it, and it is easy to operate.What’s more, it only drain 15% of concentrated water,this is save a lot for water and money”

Eng. Marco Caputo,MEMBRASEP Tecnologia de Separação por Membrana Ltda, Brazil

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