Softened water refers to water that removes or reduces the hardness of water (mainly calcium and magnesium ions in the water) or reduces it to a certain degree. In the process of water softening, only the hardness decreases, while the total content does not change. Soft water reduces or avoids the formation of scale, suitable for washing and bathing. In addition, it also avoids the problems of energy waste caused by scale in the water pipe and reduced efficiency of water equipment.

The main features of soft water:

(1) Prevent water pipes, water heaters, coffee machines, humidifiers, steam irons, bathtubs, shower nozzles, toilets and other household appliances from accumulating scale, frequent blockages, and low thermal efficiency.
(2) Hairdressing, anti-dandruff and anti-itch, soft hair, natural hair style. Skin care, bathing skin is soft and smooth, obviously reducing body dander. Make-up, the skin is not tight, easy to apply makeup and remove makeup.
(3) Making coffee and making tea, the taste is unique and the taste is pure. Grow flowers, prolong the flowering period, green leaves without spots, and the flowers are gorgeous. Raise fish to prevent various fish diseases.
(4) Extend the shelf life of tofu, soy milk is more fragrant and rich, bean sprouts do not need auxin, and grow stronger. Wash vegetables, clear the ingredients of pesticides, and extend the shelf life of vegetables. Cook rice, shorten the time, the rice grains are soft and smooth, and the pasta is not easy to expand. Cooking to maintain the natural taste and nutrients of vegetables.
(5) Effectively inhibit fungi, promote wound healing, and reduce the incidence of constipation, gastrointestinal and stone diseases.
(6) Laundry, prevent static electricity, discoloration, deformation, wash tableware, clean without water stains, and improve the gloss of utensils. Clean kitchen and bathroom, strong decontamination, deodorization.
(7) Save expenditure, reduce water equipment and water pipeline maintenance costs by more than 60%, reduce hot water fuel costs by more than 30%, and reduce detergent purchase costs by more than 50%.

Application areas of softened water: bathrooms, kitchens, laundry, heating, boilers, central air-conditioning equipment, water supply, beauty and health care.

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