Hotel direct drinking water treatment equipment program brief

The benefits of using direct drinking water

  1. Pay attention to service details and meet the high-grade needs of customers
    It provides convenience for drinking water, so that guests can drink fresh and healthy RO water at any time in the guest room; at the same time, it provides higher-quality washing water to meet the high-grade needs of guests.
  2. The cost of water production is lower than that of bottled purified water
    The total cost of five gallons of RO direct drinking water (including electricity, water, consumables and machine depreciation) is only about 0.3 yuan/barrel, far lower than barreled pure water (usually 10 yuan/barrel), and the water quality is fresher and healthier.
  3. Improve hotel service quality
    Make the TDS value of all drinking water in the hotel less than 40 (TDS value represents the pollution index, the World Health Organization stipulates that the TDS value of drinking water should be less than 40), and improve the quality of hotel services.
  4. In line with international standards, improve the hotel grade
    Direct drinking water has become a necessary facility for international hotels and domestic high-star hotels, and it is one of the symbols to measure the level of hotels. In foreign countries, as well as in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, people pay great attention to direct drinking water, and whether meals and beverages are made with direct drinking water.

Features of direct drinking water equipment

  1. Adopt imported famous brand reverse osmosis membrane (RO membrane, a qualified product designated by the American Water Quality Association), and use the most advanced reverse osmosis technology in the world to prepare pure water;
  2. Five-stage filtration, comprehensively play the effective role of each filter element, remove sediment, suspended solids, colloids, organic matter, heavy metals, soluble solids, bacteria, viruses, heat sources and other harmful substances in raw water, and only retain water molecules and dissolved oxygen ;
  3. Imported famous brand silent high-pressure pump is adopted, with long service life and reliable operation quality;
  4. The pretreatment filter element adopts a replaceable method, which can effectively ensure the pretreatment effect, and is easy to replace.
  5. It has the function of high pressure flushing reverse osmosis membrane, which can effectively prolong the life of RO membrane;
  6. The water production process is automatically controlled, the raw water is short of water, and the water storage tank is full.

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