Marine | Water Treatment System & Reverse Osmosis

As freshwater supplies become scarce and / or polluted, desalination is used to provide the required amount of water. Reverse osmosis technology uses an unlimited amount of seawater.
Desalination is a popular process that converts unusable brine into fresh water for the following industries:

  • Autonomous city
  • Armed forces
  • Seawater industry
  • vacation spot
  • Offshore platforms
  • yacht

One of the biggest problems with desalination is the presence of heavy metals in seawater. The locations of these metals are often different. If not checked, the membrane in the reverse osmosis system may be damaged. CHIWATEC’s pretreatment system protects your processing system from these heavy metals and maintains its useful life.
Can Desalination Systems Produce Drinking Water?
One-third of the world is considered to be short of water, which means they can easily dehydrate and even die from lack of fresh water supply. However, more than 40% of the world’s population lives in coastal areas, which gives them immediate access to seawater. People are aware of this fact and have stepped up their efforts to produce better performing desalination systems that convert seawater into fresh drinking water.
The desalination system is an effective treatment method for the production of fresh drinking water by reverse osmosis. The reverse osmosis process is performed by using a high-pressure pump to force seawater through a semi-permeable membrane composed of pores, thereby preventing salts and minerals from passing through the system with the product water. Finally, the finished water, which has been separated from the high-concentration salt, can now be consumed.
For ships staying at sea for long periods of time, desalination systems are a necessary water treatment solution. Without these tools, the crew on these ships would have no real way to produce drinking water, including showering, cleaning, washing and other necessary uses. If you need advanced desalination systems, check our filters designed for seawater filtration. Manufactured using the latest water treatment technologies, these systems have achieved significant results in converting seawater into fresh drinking water, with high cost-effectiveness, ease of use, and low maintenance costs.CHIWATEC ensures that our water treatment systems meet the strictest standards for all applications, including widespread use in hospitals. Our reverse osmosis and electronic data interchange systems are ideally suited to produce pollution-free clean water. Our high-quality modules can produce ultra-pure water to meet the needs of the hospital industry for high-purity water. We have a responsibility to provide first-class water to medical facilities because it will directly affect the health of your patients. We have been meeting the needs of hospitals around the world to ensure a high level of safety for all medical staff and visitors. Our hospital water treatment solutions are designed to meet compliance standards, minimize costs, and provide customized water quality based on the specific needs of your organization.

Desalination system solutions

With these factors in mind, reverse osmosis may be the ideal solution for coastal and arid areas, and a more effective alternative to other traditional desalination methods. We are designed for industrial and commercial applications, including high-quality floor space. Components in all major systems are surrounded by well-structured tubular stainless steel frames that are durable and easy to access with all components. Once equipped with the institutions and dashboards needed for long-term operation, customers will find our desalination system very user-friendly. In fact, a reverse osmosis system consumes 30% more energy than a vacuum desalination system of the same size. Reverse osmosis systems are also more portable. Compared to vacuum systems, it can be used in the ocean and any size boat. Proper pretreatment systems can also easily achieve higher purity. This is indeed one of the best systems for removing salt from seawater and meeting our growing energy needs.
CHIWATEC’s seawater treatment systems for the marine market include:

  1. UF Water Purification Equipment
  2. UV Sterilizer disinfection
  3. RO Water Treatment System
  4. Mechanical Filtration Equipment

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