Municipal | Water Treatment & Reverse Osmosis Systems

CHIWATEC has commercial, industrial and municipal water treatment systems worldwide. You can rest assured that our water purification plant has been in use for decades and will continue to produce water for decades to come.

In any environment, CHIWATEC provides high-quality solutions for the municipal water treatment industry. Whether the task involves scarce water resources, health-related issues, or meeting environmental requirements, municipal officials around the world depend on our expertise in municipal water treatment. We will provide you with everything you need to design, build, operate and optimize reverse osmosis and municipal water treatment systems.

CHIWATEC combines its advanced filtration technology with the chemical solutions needed to produce pure drinking water. Our municipal water treatment solutions enable you to release safe, pure water and discover new opportunities.

CHIWATEC’s municipal water treatment solutions include:

  1. RO Water Treatment System
  2. Water softening
  3. Deionization
  4. Industrial filtration

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