Military | Water Treatment Systems & Reverse Osmosis

Fresh water and drinking water are an important part of the material needs of our military in every corner of the world. We have designed reverse osmosis systems for military groups serving the world to prevent poisoning and disease from land and marine pollution sources. However, not all water treated within the purview is unfortunate. The reverse osmosis system is a portable solution that can be used for water purification in any type of temporary camp or base. Our military water purification systems are designed to meet your turbidity and pollutant requirements, so your system is always worry-free on the go.

Permanent water filtration

For portable water purification solutions, the system usually needs to be installed at the rear of the vehicle, or even built into the vehicle itself. You don’t have to sacrifice effectiveness, capacity or size requirements. Our water purification systems can be made from a variety of durable materials on request to ensure your system can handle anything that might be thrown at you. CHIWATEC filtration solutions are durable solutions.

Military water purification and desalination systems

For marine military applications, the CHIWATEC desalination system can be used as a dedicated water source on ships and large navigation vessels. These military water purification systems can filter seawater to make clean, safe products for cooling, reclaimed water use, and even food and beverages. We take a precise approach to integrating the components and materials of military and marine water systems to ensure that there are no errors. The end result is efficient, completely safe, reliable and durable reverse osmosis water production.

CHIWATEC’s military solutions include:

  1. Water softening
  2. Deionization
  3. Industrial filtration

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