Ultrapure water treatment equipment: the characteristics of ultrafiltration technology and the introduction of ultrafiltration technology application

Features of ultrafiltration technology:

The ultrafiltration membrane used cellulose acetate membrane material in the early stage, and later also used polysulfone, polyethersulfone, polyacrylonitrile, polyvinyl chloride, polyvinylidene fluoride, vinyl chloride alcohol and other inorganic membrane materials. The pore size of the membrane is about 0.002 to 0.1 μm, and the molecular weight cut-off is about 500 to 500,000. Its operating pressure is about 0.07-0.7MPa.

Application areas of ultrafiltration technology:

  1. Electronics industry: terminal treatment of ultra-pure water for semiconductor industry and water for IC cleaning;
  2. Pharmaceutical industry: sterilization and pyrogen removal of medical pure water, concentration and separation of medicines;
  3. Food industry: the concentration and clarification of fruit juice, the concentration of protein, and the concentration of enzyme preparations;
  4. Water treatment engineering: mineral water preparation, drinking water purification, and ultrafiltration as the pretreatment of reverse osmosis;
  5. Wastewater treatment project; industrial wastewater treatment, municipal wastewater treatment and reuse;
  6. Textile industry: recovery of fiber processing oil, and recovery of lanolin from wool scouring wastewater.
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