Introduction to the eight most common pure water treatment equipment and the characteristics of pure water equipment

The eight most common types of pure water equipment

1. Barrel-shaped purified water equipment:

The barrel-shaped water purifier installed on the drinking fountain generally uses filter materials such as activated carbon, ceramics, and mineralized balls. The filtration accuracy is not high, and it is a completely intercepted filtration method. It is inconvenient to clean and easy to form. The secondary pollution and the small amount of water are just positioning to solve the problem of drinking water, but in fact, people who know the filtration technology dare not drink.

It can effectively remove harmful substances such as sand, rust, suspended solids, colloids, bacteria, macromolecular organics, etc., and retain mineral trace elements that are beneficial to the human body. The filter element has a long service life, large water output, no need to power up or pressurize, low purification cost, high water utilization rate, and suitable for the purification of large amounts of domestic water.

3. Mixed media pure water equipment:

According to the functional characteristics of different filter materials, a combination of multiple technologies is used to achieve a wide range of water quality treatment and comprehensively and effectively remove various harmful substances in the water. Ruquanlai kitchen water purifier, using ultrafiltration as the core component, combined with high-performance KDF, not only can effectively remove sediment, rust, suspended matter, colloid, bacteria, macromolecular organic matter, etc. in tap water, but also through KDF , It can effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria in the water and remove heavy metals, making the filtered water safer and healthier; the water utilization rate is as high as 95%, and the water production is large, which can conveniently meet the purification needs of household kitchen water.

4. Functional purified water equipment:

There are many water making machines that claim to have health care functions on the market, such as ionized water machines, spectrum water machines, and magnetized, mineralized, and activated water purifiers, but in fact these functions The water machine does not have the functions advertised, and because these water purifiers do not have the real filtering function, they cannot solve the actual water pollution problem. The Ministry of Health of the People’s Republic of China also issued an announcement in July 2005 that any water-wading products shall not claim to have health care functions, and the sale of functional water machines such as ionized water machines is prohibited everywhere. At present, most of the water purifiers on the market are aimed at solving the problem of drinking water, appealing for the advantages compared with bottled purified water, and competing with bottled water.

5. PP filter element pure water equipment:

the single-tube water purifier with various PP filter elements is generally low in price, but the filter element is easy to be clogged and needs to be replaced frequently, and the filtration accuracy is not high. It is only used for preliminary water filtration.

It can eliminate the color and odor in the water, but it cannot remove other harmful substances such as bacteria in the water, and the removal effect of sediment and rust is also very poor.

It completely removes beneficial and harmful substances in water, and the output is pure water. Need to pressurize and power up, the water utilization rate is low (a lot of waste water, less pure water, generally about 50% of tap water is wasted). The purification cost is high, the flow is small, and only the problem of drinking water is solved.

Generally, regenerated sodium resin is used to replace the calcium and magnesium ions in the water, which can only soften and reduce the hardness of the water, and cannot purify or remove various harmful pollutants in the water.

Characteristics of pure water equipment

The pure water equipment is a unified equipment integrating mixing, reaction, precipitation and filtration, with a wide range of applications. The equipment adopts a large resistance water distribution system and adopts new technology in the reaction zone to strengthen the adsorption and flocculation reaction. The sedimentation part adopts an inclined tube to improve the sedimentation effect. The filter part adopts quartz sand and anthracite, which are low in price, strong, wear-resistant and easy to wash. It is a filter material, and the equipment has the advantages of compact structure, small size, convenient operation and maintenance, and stable performance.

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