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Over time, desalination has become more common in commercial and industrial seawater treatment applications. Large containers for various uses require water for power, cooling and ease of use (food, drinking water, grey water, etc.). Some of these ships are the largest, producing more than 13 million gallons of drinking water per day (nearly 50,000 cubic meters of drinking water per day) and traveling the world, providing emergency power and seawater treatment services to reduce hurricanes.

Portable filtration system

CHIWATEC’s commercial and industrial reverse osmosis systems are the ideal purification method for purifying brines and providing high quality, clean products to meet your offshore water treatment needs. In any purification system with the lowest energy consumption and highest recovery rate, it is no wonder that more and more people have invested in reverse osmosis systems. Our complete system range meets every need. Our filtration products are competitively priced, designed with service simplicity in mind, and use only the most advanced technology to ensure you get the ideal system.

Custom system

CHIWATEC has designed hundreds of reverse osmosis systems that purify millions of gallons of water per day. Our team of qualified engineers will design a custom system for you to meet any filtration needs you may need.CHIWATEC provides a series of services related to water treatment. The use of our technical expertise and advanced technologies helps us achieve management goals and maintain high-quality performance.We have customized a complete water treatment system according to customer needs. Our team is also happy to help you optimize and develop your existing systems as needed.

CHIWATEC’s offshore water treatment solutions include:

    1. Water softening
    2. Deionization
    3. Industrial filtration

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