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One problem with implementing refinery water treatment is the fact that water content tends to vary with location. If you have water treatment needs, it is important to analyze the water so that we can tailor a system for you. Any of these substances can make your drinking water dangerous, even toxic or life-threatening. No matter if your factory encounters water quality problems, whether it meets boiler feedwater specifications, concentrate recovery, substandard water recovery, wastewater discharge or deacidified effect, we will provide innovative high-quality customized solutions to meet your needs. Our refinery water purification system is well received by customers and has the following advantages:

  • improve product quality
  • Increase plant productivity
  • Regulate the life of ions
  • Enough custom solutions
  • Water toxin

Disinfection by-products (DBP’s) / total organic carbon (TPC’s) chlorine is a cost-effective method to kill bacteria and disinfect water, but at low concentrations, the chlorine will force water to produce an unpleasant taste, high Makes people sick. In addition to using chlorine as a disinfectant, there are other cost-effective alternatives, and filters can specifically remove the chlorine if it already exists. Total organic carbon usually refers to the decay of organic matter (vegetation, algae, bacteria, etc.) in the water. This is an accurate measurement of the level of bacterial activity in the water. High levels of bacterial activity in drinking water can spread disease, so water disinfection is essential for any water purification application.Nitrate-Although nitrate is good for plants, nitrate is toxic to the human body at almost any concentration. Removing where nitrates are present is important for drinking water.
Brackish water refers to the amount of salt in the water. Brackish water is saltier than fresh water, but not as salty as seawater. Using a reverse osmosis system to remove salt from water is not only simple and cost-effective, but it can also greatly improve the taste and purity of drinking water.
Arsenic poisoning usually comes from this metal dissolved in groundwater sources. Arsenic poisoning can be fatal and unfortunately is common in some parts of Europe, Asia, and the United States. There are strict arsenic regulations around the world, and special care should be taken to remove as much arsenic as possible.Chromium-May is present in trace amounts in the human body, but exceeding chromium can be fatal. As a known carcinogen, it is important to filter out even trace amounts of chromium from drinking water sources.

CHIWATEC’s refinery water treatment solutions include:

  1. RO Water Treatment System
  2. Water softening
  3. Deionization
  4. Industrial filtration

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