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Compared to the food and beverage industry, few industries require pure water. Most beverage companies have their standards for the purity of water required to produce soft drinks. Ensure compliance with strict purification and refining practices to produce safe water. Preventive solutions will prevent the spread of Mycobacterium and health risks.

Reverse osmosis

Reverse osmosis is the basis of CHIWATEC water treatment process.The reverse osmosis system removes impurities by siphoning while applying great pressure to drive water through the membrane. Due to the huge pressure, impurities may appear and make one side of the film thicker than the other. CHIWATEC’s reverse osmosis water treatment system can capture and remove membranes that pure water cannot pass through, and dissolved impurities that pure water cannot remove through conventional filtration.

Our reverse osmosis system is designed with leading technology to maximize water quality and purify it. Once the water has passed through the different layers of the reverse osmosis membrane, the water is purified, filtering out all total dissolved solids (TDS).

Regardless of whether the minimum quality change is maintained, an alert is issued to shut down the entire system. The result is unparalleled freshwater quality. If you don’t believe us, check out our detailed customer testimonials to compare the quality of reverse osmosis membranes near competitors in our water systems.

CHIWATEC’s water treatment technologies in the food and beverage market include:

  1. UF Water Purification Equipment
  2. UV Sterilizer disinfection
  3. RO Water Treatment System
  4. Mechanical Filtration Equipment
  5. Water softening
  6. Custom water treatment system
  7. Activiated Carbon Filte

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