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When most people think of water filtration systems in restaurants, the first thing they think of is drinking water. The small part of the water we use (about 5% of the world’s natural water resources) has some of the strictest requirements for the water filtration industry. As a company in northwest China, CHIWATEC has these standards and requirements for your drinking water, because we face drought and water shortages every year. We can design RO Water Treatment System to meet any size application, purification requirements or special requirements you may need. We have designed hundreds of commercial reverse osmosis systems that together produce millions of gallons of clean drinking water every day. Commercial water purifiers can improve the quality of your restaurant by:

  • Distilled elements, sediments, diseases, especially in hard water
  • Prohibition of urban water supply harms sanitation services
  • Provide flavored drinking water for drinks, tea, and coffee.
  • Reduce the increase of ion content in scale.
  • Improve equipment efficiency by removing scale from parts.

CHIWATEC has a wide range of commercial and industrial standard products for a variety of applications in drinking water treatment and restaurant water filtration systems. We serve cities, bottled water, motels, hotels and resorts that require tourists to provide safe drinking water. Farmers need equipment to provide specific irrigation water for their factories, refineries, power plants, oil and gas, and chemical plants, and their equipment needs specific process water.
In fact, most of the world’s water is used for agricultural water treatment. As the supply of clean water decreases, it is important to manage this critical resource through different methods, such as water filtration systems. Farmers and beverage companies must deal with water because fresh water resources are declining.
For cleanliness and fresh water quality of beverages (such as soft drinks, tea and coffee), the most important factor is water disinfection. The hotel’s water filtration system can handle difficult drinking conditions and add successful beverage programs. The most important water filtration element in the food and beverage industry is water sterilization. Naturally, we have strict rules about the water we eat every day. CHIWATEC’s UV Sterilizer disinfection can make water up to 500 gallons per minute, completely free of live or virus microorganisms. Best of all, this operation can be done without the use of chemicals or filter media, which means that the use of these restaurant water filtration systems does not affect the taste or chemical entry of our food.
Another method of disinfecting water is ozone treatment. Ozone-rich water (OEW) actually reduces pollutants in wastewater and disinfects them when exposed. The CHIWATEC Ozone Generator disinfection is completely independent, which means that ozone is generated on-site and is independent for your convenience. Like UV disinfection, the ozone layer does not require expensive chemicals or filter media to ensure that your water is not chlorinated and water quality is also required.

Commercial water filter

The quality of beverage production water sold in restaurants is synonymous with the quality of finished beverages. If the water used to make it has poor properties, it’s impossible to expect a delicious drink in your local restaurant. For this reason, commercial water filters are increasingly used in hotels to meet higher quality requirements. Commercial water filters are good at removing all harmful pollutants such as chemicals, suspended solids, turbidity, additives, and more. Harmful to the taste and odor of the finished beverage.
The restaurant’s commercial water filter includes a water pipe that feeds product water to a pre-filter that removes sediment and particles that are usually undetectable. Water is then filtered through an activated carbon filtration system to remove chemicals and additives (including chlorine) to improve texture. Post-filtration can eliminate the hard minerals that cause scaling and ensure that the product water is more clear and pure. Commercial water filters used in restaurants are very easy to maintain and provide a very cost-effective method for adequate water treatment for high-quality beverages.
CHIWATEC restaurant water filtration system includes:

  1. Brackish water treatment system
  2. Water softening
  3. Deionization
  4. Industrial filtration
  5. Activiated Carbon Filte

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