Nowadays, people take clothes that are not suitable for washing at home to laundromats. In order to ensure that the clothes are in the best condition, advanced water treatment equipment can be used. Because tap water contains hardness and contaminants, laundry water treatment equipment is a good choice. It can remove impurities and pollutants in raw water, so that the washed clothes can be as bright as new.

Laundry water treatment equipment process

In order to make the washed clothes achieve good results, the entire process of the laundry water treatment equipment is very rigorous. The raw water can be municipal tap water or well water or groundwater, first enter the raw water tank to settle and add enough pressure to the south. The raw water is initially purified by a four-stage pretreatment system, which can effectively remove suspended solids, impurities and rust in the raw water. Then it reaches the RO reverse osmosis device to further purify the water, and finally removes odor and purifies it through a UV sterilizer and a microporous filter.

Laundry water treatment equipment is easy to operate

Our most basic requirement for equipment now is simple operation, which is even more necessary for laundry water treatment equipment. After the installation and debugging is completed, the operation is simple and one-click communication, and the automatic operation can be operated unattended, and manual and automatic switching can be realized. The equipment also has a self-protection function, and there are electric valves and high-pressure pressure switches to ensure the safety of the high-pressure pump, membrane components and membrane shells.

Real-time monitoring of water treatment equipment in laundry

In order to observe the operation of the current equipment in more detail, the water treatment equipment of the laundry is monitored in real time. In this way, the parameters of the equipment are clear at a glance during the operation process, and a set of online conductivity meter is set to detect the raw water quality through the main water inlet pipe of the RO host. The equipment is also equipped with fresh water flow meter, concentrated water flow meter, and online conductivity meter to monitor the fresh water conductivity and calculate the desalination rate of the system, all of which are to ensure the safe and stable operation of the equipment.

Laundry water treatment equipment directly determines the effect of laundry because of its water quality. Good water quality can remove dirt on clothes to a bright and clean level. Whether the laundry water treatment equipment can operate normally for a long time, the most important one is its maintenance. Good equipment maintenance also needs to be careful, and the automation level is high and the operation speed is fast.

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