What is the difference between reverse osmosis and ion exchanger water treatment equipment?

Ion exchanger – a process of selectively removing calcium and magnesium or all anions and cations in water by ion exchange with intermediate media (resin).

Compared with membrane technology, ion exchange system belongs to the earliest water treatment equipment. It mainly replaces ions in water through resin. The difference of replacement function is different for resin selection, and the output water is also different. The ion exchange system is mainly used in the production of ultrapure water. The quality of the water can reach more than 10 megohms, which means that it has such a large resistance. Because pure water is non-conductive, the higher the resistance, the higher the relative water. Pure, such water cannot be drunk. Generally, it is widely used in the PCB industry. Specifically, it depends on the water requirements of the industry.

Reverse osmosis – is a membrane filtration desalination equipment, which can remove ions in water and achieve pure water state. Membranes isolate metal ions, but water is permeable. The desalination rate is over 97% of your raw water. Mostly used for medium pressure boiler make-up water or production process water (high water quality standard requirements). Reverse osmosis equipment is the most widely used membrane technology. It removes salt in water through aromatic polyamide, and ensures high water production while maintaining high desalination rate. It is widely used in seawater desalination and general fresh water and higher. Pre-treatment of water is required, and the application fields are quite extensive, such as electronics, textiles, manufacturing, processing, electroplating, chemical industry, food, etc. Generally speaking, the pure water we drink is basically made by reverse osmosis systems. The surface of the aluminum alloy wheel hub of the car is very bright, because the effect is obtained after washing with pure water or water with higher requirements. The quality of the water can reach about 1 megohm, depending on the quality of the incoming water and the selection of the membrane. The difference is formed by the desalination rate.

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