Softened water treatment equipment: Description of the benefits (advantages) of the use of softened water equipment

The advantages and benefits of using water softening equipment are:

  1. Soft water makes your hair smooth and skin delicate;
  2. Soft water prevents the incidence of calculus disease and maintains health;
  3. Soft water laundry, saving 50%~80% of various detergents;
  4. Soft water reduces the wear and tear of clothes, makes the clothes soft after washing, and keeps the color of the clothes longer;
  5. Soft water reduces water heater maintenance and improves thermal efficiency;
  6. Repair and maintenance of soft water reduction pipeline;
  7. Soft water reduces the generation of sanitary ware dirt.

1. Beauty and skin care

Washing your face and bathing with soft water can not only completely remove the dirt in the pores, make the skin delicate and smooth, the hair is elastic and shiny, but also can greatly save the amount of detergent.

2. Healthy diet

Use soft water to cook soup and rice, the nutrients in the food are more easily absorbed, and the taste is better. After the soft water is boiled, the coffee will have a better taste and stronger aroma;

3. Household equipment

Electric water bottles, steam irons, steam beauty appliances, humidifiers, water heaters, heaters, etc. use soft water without scaling, saving electricity and gas, maintaining costs, and extending the service life of electrical appliances;

4. Washing clothes

Because calcium and magnesium ions will adhere to the surface of the clothes fibers to make them hard and brittle, the clothes fibers are easily damaged and difficult to wash. Washing with soft water makes the clothes soft and clean, which can extend the life of clothes by 32% and save washing powder. 50%, which can save washing time and rinse water;

5. Kitchen water

The dishes and dishes are washed and dried without leaving any stains. They are as bright as new, and can reduce detergent consumption by 53% and kitchen cleaning time by 50%;

6. Sanitation facilities

Toilet, sink, bathtub

Soft water treatment equipment is widely used in electronics, electric power, solar photovoltaic industry, steel, petrochemical, rare earth, medicine, food and beverage, papermaking, printing and dyeing textile, municipal environmental protection and other industries.

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