Water treatment equipment-what variable frequency speed regulation constant pressure water supply system?

Working principle

Before the equipment is put into operation, the working pressure and other related operating parameters of the equipment should be set first. When the equipment is running, the pressure sensor continuously collects the water pressure and water pressure change rate signals in the water supply pipe network, and converts them into electrical signals and transmits them to Frequency conversion control system, the control system compares and calculates the feedback signal with the set pressure. If the actual pressure is lower than the set pressure, it will issue a command to control the pump to accelerate, and if the actual pressure is higher than the set pressure, control the pump to decelerate Run, when the set pressure is reached, the pump will maintain the operating frequency. If the variable frequency water pump reaches the rated speed (frequency), after a certain period of judgment, if the pipe network pressure is still lower than the set pressure, the control system will switch the water pump to industrial frequency operation and start the next water pump at a variable frequency. Until the pipe network pressure reaches the set pressure; on the contrary, if the water consumption of the system decreases, the system instructs the water pump to decelerate to run. When it is reduced to the effective speed of the water pump, the first started water pump among the running water pumps will stop running, that is, reduce the water pump The number of operating units until the pipe network pressure is constant within the set pressure range. The main pump stops working, and the auxiliary pump provides water supply with variable frequency and constant pressure, which further improves work efficiency and saves energy.

System composition and characteristics

Energy efficient.

Set the water supply pressure as needed, and adjust the speed of the pump according to the water consumption of the pipe network, so that the pump always runs under high-efficiency conditions. Compared with ordinary water supply equipment without tower, the energy-saving effect can reach 20%.

The impact on the power grid is small and the protection function is perfect

Eliminates the impact and interference to the power grid when the pump motor is directly started, and the equipment control system has multiple protection functions such as short circuit, overcurrent, overvoltage, overload, undervoltage, overheating, etc., which greatly improves work efficiency and extends the use of water pumps. life.

The man-machine interface touch panel operation makes parameter setting flexible and convenient

Various working parameters such as the lower limit of frequency, acceleration time, deceleration time, and pump change time can be flexibly set, and the system running time can be displayed and various failure causes can be checked.

Timed wake-up function

Because the system determines the number of pumps to be put into operation according to the water consumption of the pipe network, when the water consumption changes in a small range for a long time, it will cause a certain pump to run for a long time and cause serious wear, while other pumps are not used for a long time. Rust, after setting this function, you can easily solve the problem. For multiple pumps with the same flow rate, in order to make the average working time of each pump the same, it is necessary to set the function of regular pump replacement. After setting the timing change pump function, when the continuous working time of a variable pump exceeds the set value, and a variable pump is in the “rest” state, the inverter will automatically switch to start the variable pump with the longest “rest” time. And stop the original variable pump to ensure the equal running time of each pump and extend the service life of the pump. The pump change time can be set arbitrarily.

When the inverter fails, it can automatically switch to power frequency operation to ensure uninterrupted water supply. When the power is turned on again after a sudden power failure, the device can automatically start operation.

Scope of application

Widely used in residential areas, hotels and other public buildings for domestic water, boiler make-up water, booster pumping stations, production water for various industrial and mining enterprises, fire-fighting water, boiler constant pressure make-up water, oil pipeline pressurization, water injection system, farmland irrigation Wait.

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