Water treatment equipment suitable for domestic drinking water

Nowadays, the water treatment equipment on the market generally includes water softeners, water purifiers, water purifiers, precision filters, etc. The purpose of using these products is to improve the quality of domestic drinking water and domestic water, and achieve the “fourth” of household drinking water. A modernization”-health, convenience, automation and fashion. In water home improvement, the main force is water softener and pure water equipment.

Generally speaking, soft water is mainly suitable for dry and rainless areas. The main purpose is to remove alkali and scale. It uses resin to replace calcium and magnesium ions for dealkali treatment. When the replacement reaches saturation, professional softening salt is required to reduce the resin.

In addition, with the gradual improvement of people’s living conditions, many families have purchased high-end sanitary products and heating and hot water equipment. The most worrying thing about these products is the water-alkali problem. If there is too much water and alkali in the home, it is easy to cause premature aging and dullness of ceramic sanitary products, blockage of under-floor heating pipes, inconvenient replacement and maintenance, and blockage of water heaters, especially For people living in villas, one of the characteristics of villas is that they are relatively independent, and heating and hot water need to be solved by themselves and equipped with corresponding facilities. For safety reasons, it is best to use soft water. Water softener is of course an indispensable choice.

The so-called pure water machine is a water treatment equipment that uses RO membrane reverse osmosis technology to filter, and its filter pore size is only one ten thousandth of a micron. RO membrane is a military technology developed by the US Space Agency for more than one billion US dollars to purify and drink urine for astronauts. It was later applied to the civilian drinking water treatment industry and belongs to the world’s highest filtration water treatment membrane. Since the diameters of bacteria, viruses, and heavy metals are larger than the pore size of the RO membrane, bacteria, viruses, and heavy metals can be eliminated in the water treatment process, so that the drinking water can truly reach the standard of direct drinking.

Generally speaking, the pore size of the RO membrane in the water purifier is very small. While harmful substances (such as bacteria, viruses, water alkali, and heavy metals) are filtered out, a small amount of minerals and trace elements are also removed. Therefore, experts believe that pure water is not long-term drinking for the elderly and children under 3 years old. Therefore, when users choose water purifier equipment, it is best to choose equipment that adds minerals and trace elements to the rear components. The electrolysis water machine and the frequency spectrum water machine belong to the equipment that the country prohibits to restrict sales, and their classification should belong to the category of health care products. Many consumers can see in their daily lives that such products are not sold in large shopping malls or specialty stores, because the country does not allow such products to be sold. Whether it is electrolyzed water or spectrum water, technology is imported from abroad. These products are circulated in Europe, America, South Korea and Japan because their tap water is treated by RO membrane, and the water quality reaches the standard for direct drinking, while my country’s tap water treatment standards have not reached at all. This standard.

Whether it is spectrum water or electrolyzed water, the water after electrolysis and spectrum will be automatically restored after 24 hours. For example, electrolyzed water, through high-magnetic electrolysis, the positive and negative electrodes are formed. The water molecules with the positive electrode form alkaline water, and the water molecules with the negative electrode form acidic water. However, after 24 hours, the positive and negative stages will be automatically reduced and become the original Tap water. This is the same as untreated tap water.

CPA3-LD RO membrane filter

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