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CHIWATEC core business is water treatment and provides a variety of products for the power and energy industry. Our products are designed by reducing the overall cost of investment to help optimize power plant, and through the most advanced pre-processing filters, reverse osmosis, conventional ion exchange and electrodeionization system to improve the efficiency of power plants. CHIWATEC gives priority to the development of water treatment systems while ensuring the highest economic value. Our team will perform a diagnostic to determine the efficiency of any occurrence of your water treatment system to help you save financial and operational costs. Whether boiler feed water, condensate polishing or cooling water treatment system. As a complete system integrator, CHIWATEC offers a wide range of solutions for a variety of water and pollutants associated with the power and energy of water treatment systems of different types.

Boiler feedwaterWater cooling

Boiler feedwater (sometimes referred to as ultra-pure water) to need as close to the absolute purity of the water absorbs heat. Depending on the boiler pressure, the scope of the treated water can be exchanged from simple ions into an advanced two-pass reverse osmosis system, then electrical deionization. If not detected and corrected, the low quality of the water into the boiler may cause serious problems that sometimes cause serious problems. CHIWATEC engineers can help you assess the system boiler feed water required for the application.
Boiler heated water and allowed to evaporate into very hot steam. Such as minerals and gases such impurities in the water will reduce the efficiency of the process, take evaporation of water generator wear, exposure to which the device will be subject to corrosion. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the boiler feed water using water as pure as possible.

CHIWATEC reverse osmosis system to achieve such purity. When the reverse osmosis system is unable to achieve the required purity of the individual, it may be combined using water deionization means and achieve the best results, to achieve the purest threshold. For boiler high pressure, we recommend using a two-pass reverse osmosis system followed by electrodeionization (EDI).

Water cooling

Because of the high water absorbs a lot of heat, so the heat away from the generator and into the generator is beneficial. Many types of motors and generators during operation will produce a lot of heat, so that they may damage itself from the inside out. Like a car radiator as high water-absorbing heat and through a conduit to transfer heat, thereby preventing the generator damage itself.

Condensate Polishing System

Condensate polishing system is used as an effective treatment strategy to conserve power, energy and chemical costs. These systems are also used for the life and the performance of the boiler plant is extended. This is accomplished by impurities to reduce condensate water back into the water to complete, which can damage expensive boiler equipment. The condensate polishing system is connected to an ion-exchange polisher. Ion exchange polishing machine may be used in a high-temperature environment specially designed resin.

CHIWATEC’s power and energy solutions, including:

  1. RO Water Treatment System
  2. Water softening
  3. Deionization
  4. Industrial filtration

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