EDI system water treatment equipment

The manufacturing process and materials of the imported equipment are in compliance with the standards or relevant standards involved in the industrial regulations of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and the American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM). The manufacturing process and materials of domestic equipment should meet the requirements of the national “JB2932-99 Technical Conditions for Manufacturing Water Treatment Equipment”. Only when the above specifications and standards are not suitable for certain special materials, the standards of the material manufacturer are adopted.

Electric regeneration mixed bed (EDI system) is a revolutionary invention in water treatment technology. The voltage at both ends of the membrane block is used to move the charged ions in the water, and cooperate with the ion exchange resin and the selective resin membrane to accelerate the removal of the ion movement, and then achieve the purification of water. The hydrogen radicals (H +) and hydroxide radicals (OH-) required for the regeneration of ion exchange resins come from the supply of water dissociation under high voltage electricity, so that there is no need to use acids and alkalis for regeneration.

System Features:

1. High-purity performance and stable water quality;
2. Low running cost, simple operation and convenient maintenance;
3. Continuous operation and regeneration, 24 hours uninterrupted water supply;
4. No wastewater treatment problems, no drug regeneration and no drug storage problems;

Water production characteristics:

Produced water quality > 16MΩ-cm Recovery rate: 90% -95%

Water inlet requirements:

TEA (with CO2) < 25mg / L as CaCO3 PH 5-9

Hardness < 1mg / L as CaCO3 Silicon < 1mg / L

TOC < 0.5mg / L residual chlorine < 0.05mg / L

Application range:

Medical industry biochemical products, life sciences, electronics industry chips, semiconductors, imaging control process water and other occasions that require high-purity water.
Nuohuai has a strong production and inventory base, and has a large number of professional engineering and technical personnel, which can design and manufacture corresponding EDI systems according to the actual application of users.

As early as the 1990s, the EDI system was used in pure water systems, but due to the high initial cost and immature technology, it could not completely replace the traditional ion exchange system. In recent years, CHIWATEC has been devoted to the research of the application technology of this product in practice. At present, it has been quite mature in the application technology of the EDI system. Because the system has the advantages of high purity, stable water quality, small footprint, no need for drug regeneration, no wastewater discharge, simple operation, and convenient management, it is an inevitable trend for the development of water treatment to replace the traditional ion exchange system with the EDI system.

Xi’an CHIWATEC Water Treatment Technology is a high-tech enterprise specialized in various water processing devices. Aside from these individual products, which cover a number of types and series, we can also help with related comprehensive engineering projects. Thanks to our hard work and dedication upon our founding, we are now one of the fastest-developing water treatment equipment manufacturers in Western China.

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