Pharmaceutical | Water Treatment Systems & Reverse Osmosis

Because its use in the pharmaceutical industry is one of the most complex but also the most important, pharmaceutical water treatment is required because the production of this drug can save millions of lives worldwide. CHIWATEC’s advanced disinfection system can meet any water treatment standard and will continue to do so today.

Using the latest pharmaceutical water treatment system on the market can increase production efficiency and reduce costs without affecting the safety and quality of product development. Our proficiency and experience in the pharmaceutical industry mean that we can provide our customers with topwater purification systems. We maintain high-quality standards in all aspects of our services to ensure that our dedicated team of experts is aligned with market needs.

Unlike other industries, water is used primarily in the liquid form (or detergent) in the pharmaceutical industry, not just as an ingredient. We must produce highly distilled water, disease-free water, and water for injection to meet international pharmaceutical standards. As our understanding of our customers’ needs increases, so does the efficiency with which we develop high-quality pharmaceutical water treatment systems.

The lack of minerals in the water should not worry you because all you have to do is get some vitamins. However, a large number of chemicals, radioactive minerals, and drugs in drinking water can make you fall asleep at night. Since traditional pharmaceutical water treatment processes have proven to be very ineffective at purifying pharmaceutical contamination in drinking water, reverse osmosis systems have become the main purification systems used in this process. It turns out that reverse osmosis is the only purification system that can eliminate almost all drug contaminants.

CHIWATEC’s pharmaceutical water treatment solutions include:

    1. UV Sterilizer disinfection
    2. Water softening
    3. Deionization
    4. Industrial filtration

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