Introduction of RO water purifier

The choice of drinking water (why to choose):

  1. First of all, there are some residual chlorine, virus bacteria, organic matter, and heavy metals that are harmful to the human body in the tap water, so it cannot be drunk directly.
  2. Boiled water to drink can kill viruses and bacteria in the water, but chlorine and heavy metals cannot be removed. These things must be filtered by your kidneys.
  3. There are several problems when buying bottled water to drink. First, the water delivery is not timely. Second, it is difficult for consumers to judge real water and fake water.

The function and working principle of RO water purifier (pure water machine):

Principle and characteristics: there is a motor, a power supply, a water storage tank, generally five-stage filtration, the first stage is a filter element, the second and third stages are activated carbon, and the fourth stage is RO reverse osmosis membrane for aerospace technology ( This is the core), and the fifth grade is refined activated carbon, which is mainly used to improve the taste. The sixth level can be added to place the medical stone.
Filter out all impurities in tap water, such as residual chlorine, viruses and bacteria, organic matter, and heavy metals. The water produced is pure water, which is equivalent to the pure water we bought. If you want the water from the water purifier to contain minerals, you can add a wheat Fanshi, this is the mineral water rich in minerals.

Is the RO water purifier effective? Can I drink it directly?

The core technology of RO water purifier is reverse osmosis technology. This kind of equipment was first used in aerospace, and then used in military field operations and civilian use. It has been N years and is quite mature. RO water purifiers will pass the strict testing of the National Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the approval of the Ministry of Health (Health Bureau) before they can be sold in the market. In addition, there is a very convenient method for testing water quality, so that you can see the effect of water production by the equipment at a glance.

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