Selection of laboratory water purifiers and characteristics of laboratory water equipment

Laboratory water purifier is a device for preparing pure water for laboratory inspection and quarantine. Laboratory water purifiers are suitable for testing centers, scientific research institutes, universities, hospitals, and enterprise laboratories to provide the required analysis and test water, reagent water, experiment water and analytical instrument water. Laboratory water purifiers should be regarded as the second generation for experimental pure water, and the first generation is distilled water.

In inorganic and analytical chemistry experiments, according to the different tasks and requirements, the requirements for the purity of water are also different. The pure water is “pure water” and “ultra pure water”. People often confuse these two concepts in the process of purchasing water purifiers, causing difficulty in model selection and increasing the cost of material supply for no reason. Pay attention to the following points when purchasing laboratory water purifiers:

  1. When buying a water machine, it is best to choose a model for you based on the nature of your business and the purpose of the experiment, so that you can choose the model based on your previous sales experience;
  2. The reference index of the selected models should follow the principle of “high, not low”;
  3. The water volume is generally calculated as 8 hours a day. If the water output of this model is 15L/hour, then its daily water output should be 120L;
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