The role of granular activated carbon in household water purifiers

Household water purifier is the best solution to solve people’s daily drinking water. Everyone knows that water purifier mainly uses various core filters to filter raw water to obtain pure water; UDF (granular activated carbon filter) plays an important role. Activated carbon has strong suction and can absorb some adsorbed gases and various substances in liquids, such as residual chlorine in tap water. The standard configuration of the activated carbon filter element of the pure water machine is placed in the second channel to adsorb the residual chlorine in the tap water filtered by the first PP cotton to filter out the suspended solids, and then the adsorbed water is sent to the following RO membrane for permeation. ; If the quality of the activated carbon is poor or saturated, the residual chlorine cannot be effectively adsorbed, and the residual chlorine will cause destructive oxidation to the RO membrane and eventually cause the water quality problem of the pure water mechanism.

The chiwatec granular activated carbon filter escorts your water purifier and provides a strong backing for the entire water production process of your water purifier!

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