Functional characteristics and application of reverse osmosis water purifier

Five-stage filtration: pp cotton filter carbon rod activated carbon filter particle activated carbon filter 50GPD reverse osmosis membrane filter activated carbon filter
It can be used with pipe machine (faucet), mainly for direct drinking, beauty, cooking, etc. To meet the needs of direct drinking.

Function application:

  • Soup-delicious, authentic, nutritious and healthy
  • Maintenance-beautiful clean skin radiant
  • Cooking-more fragrant, whiter, more fragrant, sweeter, and more delicious
  • Drinking-healthy water, pure and sweet

Functional characteristics:

  1. Five-level high-precision filtering, layer by layer protection, water quality is more pure and healthy;
  2. High-grade American imported Dow film with high decontamination accuracy and long service life;
  3. Food-grade materials, preventing secondary pollution, safe and healthy, and environmental protection;
  4. South Korea’s new generation of fast connection technology makes water connections safer and less prone to water leakage.
  5. Automatic water control and filter element washing electric control system, real-time monitoring of safety and concerns.
  6. The panel is simple and beautiful, which effectively protects electrical components from dust and oil smoke.

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