How to choose a good water purifier?

At present, the water purification products on the market are relatively complicated, and it is necessary to distinguish water purifiers from water purifiers. When choosing a water purifier product, first determine whether the product uses RO reverse osmosis membrane, and then see how many levels of filtration the product has. In addition to personal preference for appearance, pay attention to the material and technology of the water purifier to see if the surface manufacturing process is exquisite . Some are ultrafiltration membrane water purifiers, which cannot effectively remove viruses and bacteria in the water. The quality of purified water is far inferior to reverse osmosis membrane water purifiers. The above issues should be considered as key considerations when choosing a water purifier. factor.

The two main components of the water purifier are RO reverse osmosis and high-pressure pumps. RO reverse osmosis is imported. There are two types of high-pressure pumps: imported and domestic. Taiwan’s quality is relatively good, and the quality of domestically-made water pumps is also good, basically there is no problem, it is still possible. The other filter materials are basically the same. The first level is PP cotton, the second level is activated carbon, the third level is resin, the fourth level is RO reverse osmosis membrane, and the fifth level. It is post activated carbon.

This is basically the case, ordinary type, automatic flushing type, indicator light type, computer control type, users can choose to buy according to their actual situation.


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