Troubleshooting of water purifiers

Is it harmful to the body if the water is too pure and all the minerals in it are removed?

But in fact, it’s not. As we all know, only living plants can absorb inorganic minerals from the soil and generate organic minerals after photosynthesis. No one can absorb nutrients from inorganic minerals. On the contrary, if you drink water with too high inorganic minerals for a long time, after a certain amount of accumulation in the human body, it will hurt the human body (such as various stone diseases, etc.). Dr. HAS, a world-renowned mineral authority, once pointed out: “Minerals needed by the human body, which exist in water, are meaningless compared to those in food.” The American Medical Monthly “AMJ” also pointed out: “Minerals needed by the human body come from food, not from drinking water.” The minerals in a glass of milk are equivalent to 1200 cups of mineral water, so drinking clean water is enough.

Is the water quality of the water purifier reliable? Has the health department tested it?

The working principle of the source of life water purifier is exactly the same as that of Robust, Wahaha and regular bottled water plants. It is the miniaturization of large plants, and the quality of the effluent is of course reliable. In addition, the source of life water purifier has been tested by the most authoritative department in China (Chinese Academy of Preventive Medicine), and the Ministry of Health has also issued a health permit to the source of life company.

How do I know when the filter element needs to be replaced?

The filter element has an approximate replacement cycle, which is generally one year (2 to 4 years for RO membrane). Users can also judge according to the usage, such as the taste is obviously worse, the sound of the booster pump is obviously increased, and the water outlet speed is obviously slowed down. Even if these situations occur, users do not have to worry about the quality of the water quality, because the key to ensuring water quality is the RO membrane, and its performance is quite stable.

My family only uses a bucket of water a week or even half a month. Is it worth buying a water purifier?

The shelf life of bottled water after being opened and used is 3 days, and it has deteriorated in a week, not to mention half a month! The purpose of buying bottled water is for the health of the family. How can drinking expired bottled water ensure the health of the family? In addition, a large amount of water in the family is not for drinking, but for cooking and soup in the kitchen. However, because the price of bottled water is too high, it is impossible to use it for cooking and soup in the kitchen. If you use a water purifier, you can completely solve the problem, and it is not even extravagant to use it for face washing and beauty.
Calculate the economic account, even if a barrel of water is used a week, the price of bottled water with a slight guarantee is more than 8 yuan. For 52 weeks in a year, the water cost is about 52 × 8 = 416 yuan. The cheap water dispenser costs about 250 yuan (the quality is already poor), and the total is 666 yuan. In the second year, you have to continue to spend money to buy water, and the various troubles are not to be mentioned. If you have a bucket of water for three days, the cost of drinking water is 365÷3×8=973, plus buying a water dispenser, the total is 1223. What if you have a bucket of water a day?

Is it different to drink tap water at home? Have we come here differently for decades?

Of course, you know that the water of a few decades ago is completely different from the water of today, and the environmental pollution is shocking. Of course, boiling water can kill some non-heat-resistant bacteria and viruses in the water, but the corpses of bacteria and viruses continue to remain in the water, and after entering the human body, they become the “heat source body” in medicine, and the common clinical “unnamed fever” “That’s why. In addition, boiling water loses too much oxygen. It is common sense that cold boiled water cannot be used for watering flowers and raising fish. Drinking boiled water is not conducive to supplying oxygen to the human body, and the deformation of cells due to hypoxia is an important cause of cancer. The biggest disadvantage of drinking boiled water is that after the tap water is treated with bleaching powder, the water contains residual chlorine, which will generate carcinogens after high temperature.
In addition, various pollutants in tap water do not change much because the water is boiled.

Does the water purifier need cleaning and disinfection?

It is completely unnecessary, and this is also a very important advantage of the water purifier compared with the general water purifier. The water purifier discharges sewage while working, and 100% removes viruses and bacteria

Is the cost of using a water purifier high?

Because the pure water machine does not need to buy water, the use cost is extremely low compared with the water dispenser. The calculation method is: the electricity fee is 0.02 yuan/barrel, the water fee is 4×18.9÷1000×1.50=0.11 yuan/barrel, and the filter element is converted into (3×28+280÷3)÷365=0.49 yuan/barrel (the consumption of the filter element is based on the daily Production of 1 barrel of pure water), the total is 0.62 yuan / barrel, less than 1/10 of the purchase of bottled water.

After installing the water purifier, what should I do if it is not used for a long time due to business trips and other reasons?

Just unplug the power supply, drain the water stored in the machine from the drain, and plug it in again.

Why do various colors of suspended matter appear after electrolysis of tap water, but not in pure water?

Because tap water contains various impurities, such as: compounds, heavy metals, etc., under the action of the water quality electrolyzer, some of these impurities will form sediments, and different impurities will show different colors, which can more intuitively judge the water quality. Relatively good and bad. There are basically no impurities in pure water, so the color basically does not change much.

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