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1. The water produced by the RO pure water mechanism can be directly drunk. Is this water the same as the pure water machines on the market? So what method does this machine use to treat bacteria?

Answer: The RO pure water machine uses the world’s advanced reverse osmosis method for advanced water treatment.
The pore size of the permeable membrane is only one ten-thousandth of a micron. In addition to water molecules, bacteria and other organic matter, microorganisms, heat sources, viruses and other harmful substances are completely filtered out, and the water obtained is pure space water (also called direct drinking water). ), it is the same as the direct drinking water sold on the market, except that the direct drinking water produced by the large water plant using the same method is then bottled or barreled into a direct drinking water product. The two qualities are exactly the same.

2. I heard that purified water is acidic water, which is not good for the body, is it?

Answer: The Ph value of human tissue fluid is 7.23~7.45, the buffering power is very large, and a small degree of acidity and alkalinity are mixed together, but it is always maintained in the range of Ph 7.23~7.45. (The acidity of ph 7 is neutral. The pH below 7 is acidic, and ph above 7 is alkaline). The physique is not acidic but the gastrointestinal and gastric juices are acidic, and the human body itself is not acidic. It is scientifically proven that drinking water can be drinkable when the ph value is in the range of 5.8 to 8.50, so it has not only become the world drinking water standard, but also the drinking water range standard set by the government.

3. What is RO membrane reverse osmosis?

Answer: RO is the reduction of English Reverse Osmosis, which means “reverse osmosis” in Chinese. Generally, water flows from the low-concentration side to the high-concentration side. Once the water is pressurized, it will flow from the high-concentration side to the low-concentration side. The so-called reverse osmosis principle; because the pore size of the RO membrane is one millionth of the hair, it cannot be seen by the naked eye, and bacteria and viruses are 5000 times that of it. Therefore, only water molecules can pass through, and other impurities and heavy metals are It is discharged from the waste water pipe, so this method is used in the desalination process and the astronaut waste water recovery treatment. It is a high-tech artificial kidney outside the body.

4. What is the difference between a reverse osmosis water purifier and a general water filter?

Answer: Generally, the structure of the water filter is mainly composed of activated carbon and resin. Its main function is to filter some larger impurities and deodorize. Once the residue in the water filter increases, it becomes a hotbed of bacteria and E. coli Breeding area. The RO membrane of the water purifier is a high-tech product, which can completely remove molecules larger than water molecules, and completely separate heavy metals and impurities from the water molecules. The water produced by the reverse osmosis water purifier is truly clean water.

5. What are the benefits or magical effects of reverse osmosis water purifiers?

Answer: Purified water has endless effects because it has no bacteria. For example, pure water is used for cooking.
Inside, the rice will not smell bad, the vegetables are soaked in pure water, and the pesticides and fertilizers can be washed away. In addition to pure water
It is the best lotion, which can wash away the pollutants on the face, and even used to raise fish, because of the high oxygen content
And without chlorine, fish live better; at the same time, drinking water is also the best animal drink, which is not only solvable
Thirst, it can get rid of impurities and toxins in the body, so the English name of drinking water is Hunger
Water is a kind of hungry water with a particularly strong dissolving power.

6. What is the difference between direct drinking water and distilled water?

Answer: Distilled water is water that is boiled. It is an oxygen-deficient “dead water”, which contains residual chlorine and other gases, and is expensive to manufacture. The developed countries in Europe, America and Japan are only used for experiments. The purified water itself is “living water”, containing oxygen and mineral ions, which can strengthen human tissues and activate cells, enhance immunity, and have auxiliary effects on high blood pressure and stones. 90% of people in developed countries consume pure water.

7. What is a water purifier? What is the difference between a water purifier and a pure water machine?

Answer: The function of the water purifier is ordinary filtration. It cannot remove viruses, bacteria, impurities, carcinogens and other harmful substances in the water. The pure water machine uses reverse osmosis technology to remove residual chlorine, viruses, bacteria, heavy metals, carcinogens and other harmful substances in the water.

8. Compared with other water filters, is the RO membrane water purifier too complicated?

Answer: Jana water treatment products are carefully designed and manufactured. It uses five-stage filtration, which is beautiful in appearance, light and simple. The first three stages are to remove sediment, rust, organic matter, etc. in the water, and then the RO membrane is precision filtered to remove the water. The bacteria and toxins that are filtered by the post filter will be sanitary, safe, sweet and drinkable water. However, there are some simple-structured water purifiers on the market that can only serve as the first two stages of RO membrane water purifiers. Filtration, the filtered water can only be said to be relatively clean. It cannot be called pure. It must be sterilized and boiled for drinking. Moreover, after a period of use, the filter element will become a breeding ground for bacteria, causing secondary pollution. The quality of effluent water is worse than that of incoming water.

8. How long is the service life of the RO membrane water purifier and how to clean the filter element?

Answer:There is no man-made damage under normal use. Generally, it can be used for ten years. The filter element does not need to be cleaned. It needs to be replaced after a period of use. This depends on the local water quality and your water consumption.

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