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Industrial, electronic, chemical and commercial applications are used in reverse osmosis water treatment equipment, reverse osmosis devices, pure water treatment and other fields. Products mainly include industrial pure water equipment, ultra-pure water equipment, pure water treatment equipment, purified water equipment, reverse osmosis (RO) water purifiers. The application of reverse osmosis water treatment equipment (membrane separation) technology makes reverse osmosis ultra-pure water equipment An improvement has been made from the traditional cation exchanger, decarburization, anion exchanger, and composite ion exchanger. In recent years, the EDI (Electro Deionization) technology that has been promoted and applied abroad is a revolution in ultra-pure water manufacturing technology. Since then, it has entered an ultra-pure water that can produce up to 18MΩ·CM without regenerating chemicals. In the semiconductor, integrated circuit and other industries. The State Economic Commission has also included the application of reverse osmosis RO + EDI complete equipment technology into the scope of national key promotion, and has given preferential policies to enterprises that use it.

The principle of pure water machine

It uses reverse osmosis membrane technology that was born in the 1950s. This technology is currently widely used in high-tech fields such as medicine (such as kidney hemodialysis), aerospace (astronaut body fluid circulation), seawater desalination, etc. It has been developed in recent years. Shipped for private water purification equipment. Its working principle is to apply a certain pressure to the water, so that water molecules and ionic mineral elements pass through a layer of reverse osmosis membrane, and most of the inorganic salts (including heavy metals), organic matter, bacteria, viruses, etc. dissolved in the water Can not penetrate the reverse osmosis membrane, so that the pure water and the impermeable concentrated water are strictly separated; the pore size on the reverse osmosis membrane is only 0.0001um, and the diameter of the virus is generally 0.02-0.4um, the diameter of ordinary bacteria There is 0.4-1um, so you can rest assured to drink the clear spring from the pure water machine.

The normal operation of the reverse osmosis water purifier depends on a certain pressure, which must be greater than the osmotic pressure of the permeable membrane, which is generally 2.8 kg/cm². In areas where water pressure or water pressure is unstable, we recommend that you must purchase a pure water machine with a booster pump. Its working pressure can reach 6-9 kg/cm², which is not restricted by tap water pressure and has high water production efficiency. , Fast speed, less concentrated water discharge, daily water output is about 130 liters, which can fully meet the daily water needs of households.

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