Activated carbon quality specifications

At first glance, activated carbon is just an activated carbon, and the subdivision is hundreds of types of activated carbon. The quality of activated carbon varies with production raw materials, production methods and post-treatment. Quality also varies by application. Generally, the corresponding quality specifications and inspection methods are formulated for activated carbons for various purposes.

The quality specifications of activated carbon for various purposes at home and abroad are summarized as follows:

  1. Physical items: shape, appearance; mesh number, particle size, particle size distribution; apparent density, packing density; wear resistance; hardness; specific surface area; pore volume; floating rate; strength; heat capacity; thermal conductivity.
  2. Chemical items: pH value; ash content; moisture, drying weight loss; ignition point; uncharred, burning residue; sulfide; chloride; cyanide; sulfate; acid soluble matter, nitric acid soluble matter; alcohol soluble matter ; iron content; copper content; zinc content; potassium content; calcium and magnesium content; heavy metal content; water extraction; cadmium content; arsenic content; total nitrogen; phosphate; manganese; fluorescent substances; polycyclic aromatic compounds; tar products. (vegetable raw material)
  3. Microbial item: Microbial limit.
  4. Adsorption items: methylene blue adsorption value; iodine adsorption value; phenol adsorption value; carbon tetrachloride adsorption value; caramel decolorization rate; decolorization index; quinine sulfate adsorption value; molasses value; saturated sulfur capacity; penetration Sulfur capacity; benzene vapor protection time, benzene activity; chloroethane vapor protection time; water capacity; butane working capacity; ABS value; toluene equilibrium activity.

Activated carbon products are often used to indicate quality, such as: sugar, monosodium glutamate, medicinal, injection, gold, water purification, carrier and so on. Some commodities list specification items, some do not list, some items listed for this purpose and that purpose are the same, and some key items may belong to internal control and will not be marked.

Activated carbon sometimes has qualified or unqualified problems in application. The countermeasure is: the quality items of activated carbon, especially the special carbon, require the items of applicability, and at the same time emphasize the usage of feasibility.

Coconut charcoal has a variety of qualities and corresponding models: one for water treatment applications to remove low-concentration organics, one for general liquid or gas phase applications, and one for gold extraction;

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