ACF Activated Carbon Filter

Color: Natural
Capacity: 4TPH
Function: Water Purification Plant
Usage: Pure Water Process
Brand Name: CHIWATEC
Condition: New
Material: wooden case, Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic
Applicable Industries: Hotels, Garment Shops, Building Material Shops, Manufacturing Plant, Machinery Repair Shops, Food & Beverage Factory, Farms, Restaurant, Home Use, Retail, Food Shop, Printing Shops, Construction works , Energy & Mining, Food & Beverage Shops
After Warranty Service: Video technical support, Online support, Spare parts


1. Brief introduction of ACF Activated Carbon Filter

ACF activated carbon filter is assembled by FRP or carbon steel tank, control vales, filling material, strainer and pipelines. Is is used to remove contaminants in water such as chlorine, solvents, pesticides, odors, dissolved and suspended organics. Surface of activated carbon granules are highly porous, when raw water are flow through, contaminants are absorb or stick to the surface of activated carbon. Used as the pre-treatment of RO machine. The filling material is coconut shell activated carbon granules.  Backwash modes could be manual multi port valve or automatic pre-set multi port valve or PLC control.

2. Technical information of ACF Activated Carbon Filter

Activated carbon filter fill with the shell activated carbon to remove the organic matter, germ and eliminate the color and residual chlorine.The control valve apply to TMF56A multi-way valve with function of operating, washing and back washing.

3. Specification of ACF Activated Carbon Filter

1 sand filter set auto
filter tank φ1000×1850 1 set FRP 4-4″ with discharge port
control valve TMF75A 1 set ABS side mounted
distributor H5671,HD6600A 1 set ABS
sand 0.5-1.2mm 1500 set layer height 1.1m
pressure gauge 0-150PSI 1 set 304SS
2 activated carbon filter 1 set auto
filter tank φ1000×1850 1 set FRP 4-4″ with discharge port
control valve TMF75A 1 set ABS side mounted
distributor H5671,HD6600A 1 set ABS
sand 0.5-1.2mm 400 set layer height 0.3m
activated carbon 1-2mm 350 set layer height 0.8m
pressure gauge 0-150PSI 1 set 304SS

4. Projects information for ACF Activated Carbon Filter

Introduction of project
User introduction Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd (Beximco Pharma) is an emerging generic drug player committed to providing access to affordable medicines. Company’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities have been accredited by the regulatory authorities of Australia, European Union, Canada, and Brazil, among others, and it currently focuses on building presence in many emerging and developed markets around the world.
Beximco Pharmaceuticals ltd build new factory in 2016, and they need potable water for drinking and softening water for their production.
Feed water quality The feed water is from well, and the hardness is 170ppm, TSS is 40ppm,and iron is 1.5ppm
Capacity: 73.5m3/hr capacity pre-treatment systems for potable  water and 27.5m3/hr capacity soft water ssytem
Output water quality: Hardness<170ppm, TSS <1ppm,and iron is 0.01ppm
Technical process: MMF+ACF+Softening

5. Certificate 

ISO9001-2019 11-CHIWATEC商标CE-certification of RO-water Filtration Drinking Plant

6. Comments from customers:

Comments From Customers

7. Package and transportation:

water Filtration Drinking Plant package and transportation

8. Finished projects:

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