Activated carbon application and basic functions of activated carbon filter

Activated carbon application

Activated carbon is widely used in all aspects of industrial and agricultural production, such as alkali-free deodorization in the petrochemical industry (refined dethiol), ethylene demineralized water (refined filler), catalyst carrier (palladium, platinum, rhodium, etc.), water purification and sewage treatment; electricity Water treatment and protection of power plants in the industry; decolorization and refining of chemical catalysts and carriers, gas purification, solvent recovery and oils and fats in the chemical industry; refining and decolorization of beverages, alcohol, monosodium glutamate mother liquor and food in the food industry; gold in the gold industry Extraction, tail liquid recovery; sewage treatment, waste gas and harmful gas treatment, gas purification in the environmental protection industry; and cigarette filters, wood floor moisture resistance, taste absorption, automobile gasoline evaporation pollution control in related industries, and preparation of various impregnant solutions Wait. Activated carbon will have excellent development prospects and a broad sales market in the future.

Working principle of activated carbon filter

The work of the activated carbon filter is done through a carbon bed. The activated carbon particles that make up the carbon bed have a lot of micropores and a huge specific surface area, and have a strong physical adsorption capacity. Water passes through the carbon bed, and organic pollutants in the water are effectively absorbed by the activated carbon. In addition, there are some oxygen-containing tube energy groups on the non-crystalline part of the activated carbon surface, so that the organic pollutants in the water passing through the carbon bed are effectively adsorbed by the activated carbon. Activated carbon filter is a more commonly used water treatment equipment. As the pretreatment of water treatment desalination system, it can effectively guarantee the service life of the subsequent equipment, improve the quality of the effluent, prevent pollution, especially prevent the reverse osmosis membrane, ion exchange resin, etc Pollution of free residual oxygen poisoning.

Activated carbon filter is mainly used to remove organic matter, smell, color, heavy metal ions, residual chlorine (CL2) and so on. As a pretreatment for reverse osmosis, electrodialysis, ion exchanger. Activated carbon device can play a very good role in protecting these devices.

Activated carbon filter as the basic function of water treatment system pretreatment

Activated carbon filter not only has the function of filtering suspended solids by ordinary mechanical filters, but also can be used to remove certain organic or inorganic pollutants that are difficult to remove by conventional means, including deodorization, decolorization, dechlorination, organic matter removal, heavy metals, synthesis Detergents, viruses and radioactive materials are a kind of equipment for advanced water treatment. For example, the pretreatment of the water treatment desalination system can effectively ensure the service life of the subsequent equipment, improve the quality of the effluent, and prevent pollution.

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