Activated carbon fiber is on the outer surface of carbon fiber with a monofilament diameter of only 8-30 microns, using a special process to form densely distributed micropores with a diameter of about 20A (Angstrom), which are extremely strong for certain molecules Adsorption capacity. Compared with traditional granular activated carbon, activated carbon fiber has unique advantages such as strong adsorption capacity, fast speed, fast desorption speed, and simple desorption.

Application range:

Activated carbon fiber is a high-tech product with excellent adsorption performance, and its use is very wide. Such as: air purification, solvent recovery, water purification, protective masks, gas masks, deodorization, deodorization, deodorization catalysis, battery plates, cigarette filters, etc.

  1. Solvent recovery: used for gas purification, gas separation, and solvent recovery (especially corrosive chlorinated hydrocarbon compounds, applicable solvents, low boiling point solvents).
  2. Air purification: Activated carbon fiber is used to adsorb flying dust pollen, bacteria, viruses, various odors, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, ozone in the air, benzene, phenol alcohol, ether, aldehyde, gasoline, etc. that evaporate in the air. Make the air fresh. This device can be applied to places such as engine rooms, trains, cars, hotels, hospitals, offices, computer rooms, conference rooms, living rooms and so on.
  3. Sewage treatment: It is used for the treatment of circulating water and naphthenic acid comprehensive wastewater in pharmaceutical factories, printing and dyeing factories, and oil refineries to remove odor and trace impurities in edible alcohol.
  4. Water purification: It is used for the purification of domestic drinking water prepared by the decolorization and deodorization of production in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, sugar, and brewing industries, and the ultrapure water used in the electronics industry.
  5. Protection: Use felt and cloth to make protective chemical poisonous gas supplies, clothes, hats and masks, etc. The common feature is: it has excellent adsorption and shielding ability for toxic gases.
  6. Medical and biotechnology applications: manufacturing high-performance capacitors, the electrodes used to make batteries have large storage capacity, high conductivity, good charge and discharge performance, can be used repeatedly, and activated carbon fibers can be used directly as electrodes The material does not need any treatment, is very stable in the air, has a small bulk density, is flexible and can be folded, and can be made into flexible capacitors and batteries of various shapes.
  7. Civil products: refrigerator deodorization, fruit and vegetable preservation, household water purifiers, deodorization, disease prevention insoles, health care shorts.

Uses and types of activated carbon

  1. Air purification
  2. Exhaust gas adsorption in sewage treatment plant
  3. Drinking water treatment
  4. Power plant water pretreatment
  5. Pre-treatment of wastewater recovery
  6. Biological wastewater treatment
  7. Toxic wastewater treatment
  8. Petrochemical non-alkali dethiol
  9. Solvent recovery
  10. Chemical catalyst carrier
  11. Toxic tank
  12. Gold extraction
  13. Exhaust gas purification for storage of chemical products
  14. Sugar, alcohol, monosodium glutamate medicine, food refining, decolorization
  15. Ethylene desalination filler
  16. Automobile exhaust purification
  17. PTA oxidation device purification gas

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