What is the difference between activated carbon fiber and activated carbon?

With the increasing demand for activated carbon, activated carbon has become an indispensable part of our daily life.

Activated carbon fiber (ACF for short) is prepared from carbonizable organic fibers such as viscose fiber and polyacrylonitrile fiber through low temperature carbonization and high temperature activation. It has a developed microporous structure and excellent adsorption performance. Therefore, activated carbon fiber has also become “filamentous or fibrous” activated carbon, which is a substitute for the existing granular activated carbon and a new generation of functional high-efficiency carbon adsorption materials.

Activated carbon fibers have well-developed micropores, uniform pore size, and are distributed on the surface of the fibers. Almost all of them are effective pores. The effective adsorption surface area is as high as 1000-2500 m2/g, which is several times that of activated carbon. The effective adsorption capacity of activated carbon fibers is more than 10 times higher than that of granular activated carbon (GAC). Therefore, activated carbon fiber has strong adsorption capacity, fast adsorption and desorption speed, and good adsorption capacity for low concentration or trace amount of toxic and harmful gases.

After the activated carbon fiber products successfully entered the market, they quickly attracted the attention of domestic and foreign customers. Activated carbon fiber is safer and healthier than activated carbon. Activated carbon is an item that we often use to remove toxic gases from the air after decoration.

Activated carbon is a granular (GAC) carbonaceous adsorption material made of carbonaceous material with black appearance, developed internal pore structure, large surface area and strong adsorption capacity.

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