The principle of integrated water purifier

1. The working principle of the integrated water purifier

The settlement area of this equipment is divided into upper and lower parts, mainly based on the shallow sedimentation theory, an inclined tube is set up to accelerate the settlement, and the large granular flocs formed rapidly in the lower part of the sedimentation will change due to the change of the flow direction between the two layers of inclined tubes. Increase the chance of contact between small particle flocs, and further improve the water quality when flowing through the upper inclined pipe. Part of the sludge in the sedimentation tank returns to the flocculation reaction tank, and part of the remaining sludge enters the sludge area, and the sludge is discharged regularly. The water from the clean water area of the inclined pipe collects water through the corrugated porous water collecting plate, and evenly distributes it to the distribution water tank. The filter adopts reflective plate for water distribution, porous plate for water collection, and the filter material is quartz sand for backwashing. After reaching the rated water head loss, automatic siphon backwashing.
The water purification device of the water purifier itself has achieved the effect of fully automatic operation from a series of operating procedures such as reaction, flocculation and sedimentation, water collection, water distribution, filtration, internal backwashing, and sludge discharge. When the raw water enters the fully automatic high-efficiency water purifier, it first enters the water distribution area at the bottom of the device. The water distribution method of the perforated pipe ensures that the water distribution of the water purification equipment is even, and the water flow of each micropore is sprayed at a certain flow rate to prevent flocculation pollution sedimentation of mud.
In the reaction zone, through the circulation of excess sludge, the small alum flowers in the raw water are in full contact with the sludge, and a flocculation reaction occurs, so that the small alum flowers in the water gradually become larger and form large flocs, creating a good environment for the settlement of the inclined tube. At the same time, increase the concentration ratio of sludge, increase the sludge content in the sludge area, and reduce the self-consumption rate of the system. The water purifier passes the pressure of the pre-stage water to the high-level water outlet tank of the rear-stage filter, and the water outlet system uses intermediate water outlet to ensure the uniformity of the system water outlet.
Due to the uniform water distribution, the water flow rate decreases and slowly enters the high-concentration flocculation zone. Due to the high sludge concentration in the flocculation zone, the raw water after the previous stage mixing undergoes a thorough coagulation reaction under the adsorption of the sludge, forming , the floc suspended matter is rectified in the inclined pipe area of the first floor, and has the function of uniform water distribution and flow diversion. After fully reacting, the floc water flows upward along the inclined direction of the second-layer inclined pipe, enters the settlement area, and solidifies. Under the action of gravity, the deposited sludge slides down along the inclined direction of the inclined pipe and enters the sludge area, and the fallen alum flowers are pushed to the mud hopper of the water purification device under the hydraulic action of the diversion inclined pipe The water clarified through the inclined pipe enters the filter chamber from the upper water distribution device of the water purification device, and collects from top to bottom through the filter material layer and filter head to the clean water chamber at the bottom of the device, and is connected to the device through a connecting pipe. Clear water pool at the top.
Equipment sludge discharge: The sludge deposited in the inclined pipe area of the fully automatic high-efficiency water purifier is regularly discharged through the sludge discharge valve.
Backwash siphon blowdown: After the effluent from the sedimentation area of the inclined pipe is filtered by the filter material layer for a certain period of time, the running resistance of the filter material layer gradually increases, and the water level in the filter chamber gradually rises. When the water level rises to the siphon auxiliary pipe, the air in the siphon pipe The siphon auxiliary pipe drains water, continuously takes away the air in the siphon pipe to form a negative pressure, and finally connects the water level in the siphon pipe to form a siphon. The internal clean water returns in the opposite direction of the normal running path. When the clean water passes through the filter material layer, it starts to backwash the filter material. The backwash intensity can be preset by adjusting the tapered adjustment plate at the mouth of the siphon drainage pipe. Washing time, backwashing lasted 4 to 6 minutes. The backwash intensity is 14-16l/m2.S.

2. The technological process of the integrated water purifier should have the following characteristics:

  1. The integrated water purifier adopts the principle of gravity and siphon to automatically control, not only the workload of system repair and maintenance is small, but also the operation is reliable and stable.
  2. Integrated water purifier Through the design and reasonable selection of parameters such as sedimentation and filtration surface load, effective water depth, and sludge collection tank, the effect of solid-liquid separation is improved;
  3. The dosing system selected in the integrated water purifier system is metering pump dosing, and the dosing volume can be adjusted from 0-300L/H.

3. Description of the structure of the integrated water purifier

  1.  The integrated water purifier can be divided into two parts (high-efficiency reaction sedimentation area and automatic filtration area); this water purification device has automatic water intake, automatic timing mud discharge, automatic filtration, automatic backwashing, and can The liquid level is used to control the automation of its own equipment and the automation of other related equipment (equipment inlet electric valve, dosing system, etc.). When an automatic failure occurs, it can be operated manually to ensure the normal operation of the entire water station; the overall size is 10200mm×4600mm×4350mm, the production requirements, the thickness of the bottom plate is 12mm, and the thickness of the side plate is 10mm.
  2.  The integrated water purifier is mainly composed of a high-efficiency reaction sedimentation area and a fully automatic filtration area. Before entering the fully automatic water purification device, the water treatment agent is added through the static mixer and mixed, and the water treated by the water purification device flows into the clear water pool by itself.
  3.  The coagulation reaction inside the integrated water purifier produces precipitated sludge, and the upward water flow direction is changed through the first layer of inclined pipe filler to automatically enter the sludge chamber with a concentration of more than 1200mg/l, and then the sludge discharge system excreted.
  4. The sedimentation area of the integrated water purifier adopts polypropylene inclined tube packing with an aperture of 50 mm and a slant length of 500 mm at an angle of 66 degrees and a polypropylene inclined tube packing with an aperture of 35 mm and a slant length of 1000 mm. The characteristics of mud circulation separation and mud contact filtration, suspension contact separation type hydraulic clarification process, accelerate the sedimentation speed and improve the sedimentation effect. The mud discharge adopts large-area mud collection and separate mud discharge to achieve fast mud discharge speed, short residence time, and high impact load resistance. In order to collect water evenly, it adopts a flat ground arrangement; Brush two coats of coal tar pitch for corrosion protection, and use two coats of chlorosulfonated polyethylene for corrosion protection on the outside.
  5. The water distribution area of the integrated water purifier enters the filter chamber using a separate filtration method, and the separate water distribution enters each filter chamber, and it operates while filtering, fully achieving the characteristics of excellent filtration. The filter material of the filter part of ZHFM-028-150 fully automatic high-efficiency integrated water purification device uses high-quality natural quartz sand and pebbles as the filter material support layer, which fully guarantees the normal operation of the fully automatic filter chamber and the quality of the effluent.
  6. Integrated water purifier The backwashing of the filter chamber of the fully automatic and efficient integrated water purification device is carried out automatically. The backwashing pipe produces a siphon effect and the exhaust device discharges all the air. Backwashing begins; when the air enters the backwashing The siphon backwashing tube is destroyed; so the siphon backwashing tube is the key to this equipment. In order to completely destroy the siphon, a siphon destruction bucket is installed at the bottom of the siphon breaker. This water purification device has 6 filter chambers in total, and each filter (1600 ×1700mm) has an independent backwash system (when one of the filter chambers is backwashed (ZHFM-028-150 type) is a basic unit, that is, the integrated water purifier may have two filter chambers at the same time The backwashing of the filter chamber, but it does not affect the normal operation of the equipment at this time), and the running water level drops rapidly at that time, so that other filter chambers will not be affected, and the water will help the backwashing filter chamber to be completely backwashed as usual, without affecting the output of the overall equipment .
  7. In addition to the management of the water inlet system and the dosing system of the integrated water purifier, the ZHFM-028-150 fully automatic and efficient integrated water purifier is composed of reactions, flocculation, sedimentation, sludge collection, and drainage from the body itself. A series of operating procedures such as mud, water collection, water distribution, filtration, recoil, and sewage discharge meet the requirements of automatic operation. The on-duty personnel only need to regularly monitor the water quality and do not need to perform full-time management of the water purification device.
  8. The novel and original water collection, water distribution, sedimentation system and the lowest water collection head (850mm) of the integrated water purifier make the water collection more uniform and effective and achieve the best treatment effect.
  9. The internal carbon steel parts and inner wall of the integrated water purifier are passivated and then painted with coal tar pitch for corrosion protection, and the exterior is protected with two layers of chlorosulfonated polyethylene. The paint on the outer surface of the equipment is smooth, even and uniform, without obvious paint leakage, sagging, wrinkling, air bubbles, peeling, etc. The color of the paint is determined upon request; between the automatic sedimentation part and the automatic filtration part of each water purification device There is an escalator on the operating platform, which is convenient for the operation, maintenance and repair of the equipment in the future operation process.

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