Explore where does the water come from?

When the earth was just born, there were no rivers, no oceans, and no life. Its surface was dry, and there was very little moisture in the atmosphere. So now the vast sea, the rushing rivers, the vast lakes with smoke and waves, the strangely shaped ice and snow, the clear springs surging in the ground and the rain, snow and clouds in the sky, where do these waters come from?

Water that has been stored for a long time is related to minors who drink bottled or bottled water that has been stored for more than 3 days, which will significantly slow down cell metabolism and affect growth and development. Middle-aged and elderly people often drink such barrels that have become aging water. Bottled or bottled water can accelerate aging. Expert research suggests that in recent years, the incidence of esophageal cancer and gastric cancer has increased in many areas, which may be related to drinking. Studies have shown that the deep well water that has just been extracted and is in a state of frequent movement and impact contains only 0.017 mg of nitrite per liter. However, if it is stored at room temperature for 3 days, it will rise to 0.914 mg. The original nitrite-free water will also produce 0.0004 mg of nitrite per liter of water after being stored at room temperature for one day, which can rise after 3 days. 0.11 mg, up to 0.73 mg after 20 days, and nitrites can be converted into carcinogens nitrosamines. Relevant experts pointed out: Use bottled water if you want to use it, and store it for a long time if you don’t need it. This unhealthy drinking habit is not good for health.

Water also ages

Usually we only know that animals and plants have an aging process. In fact, water also ages, and aging water is harmful to human health. According to scientific research, the water molecule is a main chain structure. If the water is not frequently hit, that is to say, when the water is not in a state of motion, but is in a static state, the chain structure will continue to expand and extend. It becomes commonly known as “dead water”, which is aging aging water. Many bottled or bottled purified waters are often stored for a long period of time from the factory to drinking. Bottled or bottled drinking water, stored in a static state for more than 3 days, will become senile aging water, which is not suitable for drinking.

When we open the world map, when we face the globe, most of the area presented to us is a vivid blue. Looking at the earth from space, the earth we live in is an oval, extremely beautiful blue sphere. Water is the most abundant natural substance on the earth’s surface, covering more than 70% of the earth’s surface. Earth is a veritable giant water polo.

It turns out that the earth is formed by the aggregation of interstellar matter differentiated from the solar nebula. Its basic composition is hydrogen, nitrogen and some dust. Solid dust gathers and combines to form the Earth’s inner core, surrounded by a large amount of gas. When the earth was just formed, the structure was loose, the mass was not large, the gravitational force was small, and the temperature was very low. Later, due to the continuous shrinking of the earth, the radioactive substances in the core generated energy, which caused the temperature of the earth to continue to rise, and some substances gradually warmed and melted. on the surface. As the temperature of the earth’s surface gradually decreases, a hard crust begins to form on the surface. However, due to the high temperature inside the earth, magma activity is very intense. Volcanic eruptions are very frequent, and the earth’s crust is constantly changing. Some places rise to form mountain peaks, and some places sink to form lowlands and valleys, and at the same time, a large amount of gas is erupted. As the size of the earth continues to shrink, the gravitational force also increases. At this time, these gases can no longer escape the gravitational force of the earth, thus surrounding the earth and forming the “primitive earth atmosphere”. The primordial atmosphere was made up of many components, water vapor being one of them.

Where did the water vapor come from? The solid dust that makes up the primitive earth is actually a large number of fragments formed by the explosion of an aging planet. These fragments are mostly inorganic salts and the like, and there are many water molecules inside them, the so-called crystalline hydrates. The crystal water in the crystalline hydrate is separated out under the action of high temperature inside the earth and becomes water vapor. When the water vapor sprayed into the air reaches saturation, it cools into clouds, turns into rain, falls on the ground, gathers in low-lying places, gradually accumulates into lakes and rivers, and collects in low-surface areas to form oceans.


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