Introduction to the advantages of automatic water softeners, water softeners, and water softening equipment

1. Fully automatic operation

Due to the use of computer online monitoring, continuous operation and fully automatic operation of the regeneration process are realized. The whole process is free from manual interference, and there will be no advance or lag in the process operation. Moreover, the switching of each process is carried out almost synchronously. Therefore, the whole set of equipment is accurate, reliable and efficient; it saves water, salt, electricity, and labor. The cost of water production is extremely low.

2. Advanced technology, stable operation

The whole set of equipment is operated centrally with a multi-pass servo valve equipped with a timer, equipped with a modern microcomputer control system, and the equipment is up-to-date; the system is safe and reliable, the failure rate is low, and the degree of scientific management is significantly improved. The computer also has a specific function of automatically adjusting and compensating the remaining water volume to keep it running at the best point. For example, the regeneration time can be set at two o’clock in the middle of the night to avoid peaks. During regeneration, the computer can automatically estimate the average water production volume of the system in the past seven days and compare it with the current remaining volume to judge, and then make a regeneration command. The device also uses non-volatile memory (NOVRAM). Once the power is lost, all the data of the computer can be saved for a longer period of time, and the data can be automatically interrupted and resumed after the power is restored. All valve bodies are made of plastic steel and adopt the self-pressure or pump sealing technology of the valve disc to prevent leakage, blockage, corrosion, and solve the pollution problem of exchange resin.

3. No special salt production system is required

The device ingeniously designed a self-priming ejector powered by the inlet water pressure in the multi-way servo valve, and it can absorb salt and replenish water regularly according to the requirements of the process. The preparation of the whole salt water is only to set up a portable salt tank with a diameter of 500-1000 mm and a height of 1000 mm, equipped with a compact water level controller near the exchange tank. The salt pond is omitted. Salt pumps and necessary transmission and distribution pipelines and power distribution devices also save additional investment in dedicated water treatment rooms.

4. compact structure, less space

The whole set of equipment is reasonably designed, exquisitely configured and light in weight, and can be assembled on a generally flat concrete floor. No special foundation is required. A set of 1 T/H water production device occupies only 2 square meters. Standardized assembly of accessories, commissioning, training, and water production can be completed and put into production in just 1-2 days.

5. Simple operation and easy management

As long as the initial data settings of the equipment are correct, the system can faithfully operate according to the established procedures. In addition to the daily monitoring of the computer display screen, all the operations are to add salt to the salt tank regularly and quantitatively. Therefore, ordinary operators can quickly get started after necessary explanations and take care of them independently. Almost all users do not have dedicated posts, but are managed by the furnace workers.

6. The annual operating cost is extremely low

According to preliminary statistics and calculations of hundreds of equipment with different capacities, because it saves water, electricity, salt, and labor, the cost of each cubic meter of qualified softened water is about 2.61 yuan less than traditional water treatment methods. According to calculations: Taking a 1 T/H industrial boiler operating all year round as an example, the annual operating cost of boiler water treatment will be saved: 8760×0.8×1.1×2.61=20119.97 yuan. The annual operating cost of water treatment for heating boilers operating seasonally will save: 3600×1.1×2.61=10335.60 yuan. The initial investment of the whole set of equipment can be recovered in the same year.

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