Notes on the selection of automatic water softeners

How to select the water softener?

  1. First of all, what kind of system do you need to provide softened water: 1 heating 2 cooling water supplement 3 process water 4 steam boiler 5 steel smelting industry 6 chemical pharmaceutical industry?
  2. System water consumption time: namely running time/hour water consumption/average value/peak value/
  3. Total hardness of source water: The water source is municipal tap water, groundwater and surface water source. You need to provide the total hardness of raw water in the area where you use it. For a certain type of water softener, the raw water hardness is high, and its periodic water production volume must be relatively reduced, which leads to frequent regeneration of the water softener. Relatively reduce the service life of the resin. In order to avoid this situation, the resin volume should be increased, which means choosing an enlarged model of water softener.
  4. The required soft water unit flow rate (tons/hour). This is determined by the nature and requirements of the user’s equipment, and we use this to select a standard and reasonable model of water softener;
  5. Setting of periodic water production: After the water softener model is set, the theoretical periodic water production (tons) can be determined according to the hardness of the raw water and the exchange capacity of the resin used.
  6. Does the equipment require continuous water supply? If necessary, choose the double-bed centralized control or double-controlled double-bed series, otherwise, the single valve and single tank series can be selected.
Water softening system

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