Required selection of water softener and softener equipment selection

As long as you know and provide the following parameters to our technical department, you can more accurately choose the softener suitable for your system equipment.

  1. First, what system do you need to provide demineralized water: heating? Cooling water supplement? Process water? steamer? Steel smelting industry? Chemical and pharmaceutical industries?
  2. Do you need continuous water supply? If necessary, choose single valve double tank or double control double bed series, no
    Then choose between single valve and single tank systems.
  3. The total hardness of the source water? Is the water source municipal tap water? groundwater? Surface water (river, lake) You need to provide the hardness of the raw water in the area of ​​use. For a certain type of water softener, the hardness of the water is very high, and its periodic water production must be small, which leads to frequent regeneration. This is not conducive to the life of the resin. To avoid this, the volume of the resin should be increased, which means that an enlarged water softener should be selected.
  4. The required soft water unit flow rate (ton / hour) is determined by the nature and requirements of the user equipment in order to select the standard type of softener.
  5. Setting of periodic water production: After the model of the water softener is set, the theoretical periodic water production (ton) can be determined according to the hardness of the raw water and the exchange working capacity of the resin used.

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