Matters needing attention in Fleck’s automatic water softener

1. Fleck’s automatic water softener must be installed on a firm horizontal surface, and drainage pipes should be designed nearby.
2. The salt tank should be placed close to the resin tank, in order to stretch high salt absorption rate, the length of the salt absorption plastic pipe should be shortened as much as possible.
3. Resin filling: Put the processed resin into the resin tank according to the approved filling amount.
4. Remove the protective tape on the lift pipe, align the upper end of the lift pipe with the socket in the center of the bottom of the control valve, and carefully turn the control valve clockwise (Note: During the installation of the control valve, make sure that the lift pipe is inserted Valve body) until the control valve is fastened on the tank body.
5. As shown in the installation schematic diagram, connect pipes and power supplies.
6. When starting the automatic water softener, close the bypass valve, then open the outlet control valve, and finally slowly open the inlet control valve (Note: If the inlet control valve is opened too fast, the water and residual air in the pipeline will enter the water softener Cause the resin to run out of the resin tank with the water flow).
7. Set the time and program controller according to the method introduced in the manual of Fleck automatic water softener. In the initial stage of use, it is necessary to strengthen water quality testing, and adjust the restoration procedure according to the changes in water quality to make it in the best working condition.
8. There must be enough regenerant in the salt tank to ensure the amount of salt used for regeneration in the next reduction cycle.
9. After the above installation and commissioning, sampling and testing are carried out, and the water quality meets the requirements of the Fleck automatic water softener can be put into water supply
10. The salt tank will automatically replenish water, so the amount of salt in the salt tank should be maintained at any time to meet the needs of the next regeneration process.

Water softening system

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