Introduction of water softener product features

The water softener control system is mature in technology and easy to operate. The Flexco boiler water softener controller uses a lead-free brass valve body that fully meets food hygiene requirements, is equipped with a Teflon coating, and is corrosion-resistant. Boiler water softeners can be used for industrial boilers, heat exchangers, heating system water replenishment, air conditioning system water replenishment, etc.

Boiler water softener has time control type, flow control type multi-bed control type, the tank body material can be made of high quality glass steel tank, stainless steel, carbon steel lining rubber anticorrosion, controller boiler water softener product features;

  1. High degree of automation of boiler water softener Water supply, backwashing, salt absorption, slow washing, and water injection are automatically completed.
  2. Water quality softening process automation The device realizes the automation of the whole process of ion exchange and resin regeneration through the time synchronization motor drive program control device. Users only need to regularly add regenerant to realize continuous or intermittent water supply under fully automatic conditions.
  3. High efficiency, low consumption, labor saving and high efficiency:
    The overall design of the boiler water softener is reasonably matched, so that the effective working exchange capacity of the resin can be fully exerted.
    Labor saving: There is no need to set a special person to operate, the installation is simple, the same day installation, use the same day.
    Water saving: The water production rate of the water softener is over 98%.
    Power saving: Due to the principle of siphon regeneration, no salt pump is needed, and the power consumption is only 1% of domestic soft water facilities.
    Small floor space: only need to provide space for tank and salt tank to save space occupied by pipeline and valve body.
    Non-toxic: The valve body is lead-free brass material, especially suitable for food and beverage industry.
    Maintenance: The control valve is of reasonable design, reliable quality, strong and durable.
  4. Adjustment is convenient. Users can adjust the regeneration cycle and time according to their needs.
  5. The pressure resistance and anti-corrosion of the tank body have been strictly quality-tested and pressure-tested before leaving the factory, with reliable quality assurance. The tank body is made of stainless steel or glass fiber reinforced plastic to avoid resin pollution and provide a long-term and stable work for soft water equipment. Reliable guarantee.
Water softening system 3000LPH

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