EDI replaces mixed bed technology

EDI is the best replacement technology for traditional ion exchange mixed bed process. The emergence of EDI is a revolutionary progress in water treatment technology, marking that the water treatment industry has fully entered the ranks of green industries. It organically combines traditional electrodialysis technology and ion exchange technology to continuously produce high-quality pure water without using acid and alkali, completely getting rid of the problems of acid and alkali consumption, chemical waste liquid pollution, etc., thus truly realizing cleanliness Production.

Continuous Electrodeionization (EDI, Electro deionization or CDI, continuous electrode ionization) is the use of mixed ion exchange resin to adsorb anions and cations in the feed water, and at the same time these adsorbed ions pass through anion and cation exchange under the action of DC voltage. the process of removing the membrane. The ion exchange resin is regenerated electrically continuously in this process, so there is no need to regenerate it with acids and bases. This new technology can replace traditional ion exchange units and produce ultrapure water up to 18M-CM. It can be described more clearly as follows:

EDI uses anion and cation membranes in the form of symmetrical stacking. Anion and cation resins are sandwiched between the anion and cation membranes, and anion and cation exchange are carried out under the action of DC voltage respectively. At the same time, under the action of the voltage gradient, water will undergo electrolysis to generate a large amount of H+ and OH-, which continuously regenerates the anions and cations in the middle of the ionic membrane. Due to the continuous exchange of EDI – regeneration, the purity of water is getting higher and higher, so high-purity ultra-pure water is easily produced.

The EDI system has the following characteristics:

  • Continuous operation, stable product water quality;
  • No need to regenerate with acid and alkali;
  • No downtime due to regeneration;
  • Save backwash and cleaning water;
  • No recycled sewage, no need for sewage treatment facilities;
  • The water production rate is as high as 95%;
  • No need for acid-base storage and dilution equipment;
  • Small footprint;
  • It is safe to use, avoid workers being exposed to acid and alkali, and the investment is only 30% of ion exchange;
  • The running cost is only 5% of ion exchange.

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